OCAY League hosts first virtual competition

MEXICO — The academic traditions with the Oswego County Academic Youth (OCAY) League have continued in the 2020-21 school year, virtually.

Students from eight of the nine component school districts throughout Oswego County participated in the first quarterly OCAY League event, which tasked participants with completing a Jeopardy-style “Trivia Night.” Caitlin White, OCAY League Coordinator, said student teams connected with their coach via Zoom or Google and had 30 seconds to answer each question. Trivia categories included: art and literature, sports and leisure, entertainment, geography, science and nature, history, technology and pop culture.

After each round, coaches tallied point totals and reported to White, and the 94th OCAY League event, and inaugural virtual one, “went off without a hitch,” she said.

“The early planning stages were a little overwhelming, as we had to come up with a theme that would lend itself to being 100% virtual,” White said. “Some schools were fully remote, while others were hybrid, so the challenge was to schedule the event that all students could participate in without missing an entire day of classroom instruction. Students reported having fun and acknowledged their appreciation in being able to participate in OCAY League, even though it looked quite a bit different from past events.”

The Pulaski Academy and Central School District team, comprised of students: Josh Carguello, Matt Pollic, Rafael Aguilar, Madison Wilder, Zoe Eisle, Landon Jones, Micah Charsky and Holly Pacyon, received first-place honors.

Second-place was awarded to the Hannibal Central School District team, whose members included: Austin Calkins, Aidan Majeski, Lucas Mason, Marc Fellows, Mason Garbus, Philip Nosko, Robert Andocs and Andrew Blodgett.

Oswego City School District students Joseph DelConte, Mary Kate Cloonan, Sasha Loayza, Aidan Robbins, Gretchen Dowd Zeida Olson, Katie Nettles and Amelia Rastley achieved third place.

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