OSWEGO — Oswego High School (OHS) and the Oswego Rotary Club celebrate Oswego High School’s top 100 students of the 2019-2020 school year.

The top 25 of each class: freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, were recently honored for their academic achievements. Several of the top 100 students also have gone above and beyond throughout the school year to achieve greater success, including outside of the classroom with sports, music and the arts, and community service opportunities.

OHS Principal Patrick Wallace said he was elated to still be able to honor the hard-working students, despite not having the traditional dinner ceremony. Each student received a congratulatory letter and they will also receive a commemorative program and a certificate of recognition.

The following students were named the top 25 freshmen: Clara Back, Ethann Browne, Allyson Bruns, Carolena Canale, Jordan Caroccio, Anna Cloonan, Quinten Denkenberger, Anthony DeStevens, Hannah DiMartino, Mia Fierro, Piper Gosek, Haji Haji, Ethan Hibbert, Sydney Hoefer, Riley King, Leon Lin, Joshua McManus, Sean Metcalf, Miah Metott, Brayden Miller, Gavin Mills, Anne Niger, Alexis Peck, Nealy Pippin and Addyson St.Onge.

The top 25 sophomores include: Marcus Baker, Lukas Cady, Joshua Chun, Audrey Clark, Mary Kate Cloonan, Sydney DeLapp, Joseph DelConte, Shannon Doyle, Erica Greene, Richard Greene, John Hall, Dalya Kinsizer, Thomas May, Iris McDonnell, Patrick Murray, Katelyn Nettles, Phi Nguyen, Preston Norfleet, Alixander Pauldine, Aidan Robbins, Grace Stephens, Brennan Tynan, Allison Tyrrell, Grace Wing and Jason Zhang.

The top 25 juniors are: Madison Casper, Megan Cheeley, Ava Cloonan, Laura Cummings, Olivia Davis, Joseph DiBlasi, Gretchen Dowd, Craig Dykas, Audrey Flint, Allison Griffin, Audrey Hinman, Kimberly Kaleta, Samuel Liepke, Alexander Loayza, Tyler May, Connor Mulcahey, Zeida Olson, Cassidy Proud, Amelia Rastley, Morgan Samson, Melanie Solano, ,Jon Spaulding Samantha-Hua Terpening, Aidan Thompson and Jared Yoder.

The following students were named the top 25 seniors: Megan Albright, Emma Alton, Kirsten Bell, Marissa Bell, Dylan Brockway, Elizabeth Bush, ,Grayson Cary, Jake Chetney, Kaitlyn Czerow, Grace DeLand, Nicole DelConte, Alexandria Delfino, Sophia DeLorenzo, Daniel Emmons, Katherine Fierro, Molly Fitzgibbons, Hailey Furlong, Aaron Hibbert, Kayla Hockey, Ruhma Khawaja, Morgan Mace, Abigail McPherson, Julia Roman, Victoria Tripp and Owen Warner.

Photos and names of the top 25 seniors also are displayed in the storefront of Wayne’s Drugs in downtown Oswego.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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