OSWEGO — The Oswego City School District was informed Monday of a positive COVID-19 case among its students, and of a second positive case on Tuesday. 

The first student last attended Fitzhugh Park Elementary School on Sept. 25, and tested positive for the virus on Saturday. The second student attends an out-of-district educational program and last attended the out-of-district program on Sept. 28. This student tested positive on Monday. 

Given the fact that the second student does not attend any in-district educational programs, schools have been deemed safe by health authorities and in-person instruction at the school district is continuing as scheduled at this time. The school district had previously decided to keep schools open upon learning of the first student to test positive. 

The students will not be identified due to confidentiality and privacy reasons.

Superintendent Mathis Calvin III announced the first positive case to staff, parents and guardians in a letter on Monday afternoon. He said the district learned about the positive case earlier in the day from Oswego and Onondaga county health departments. The superintendent addressed the second confirmed case in a letter sent out on Tuesday.

Upon learning about the positive case, health authorities and district officials immediately began to investigate and discuss the implications of this matter, which included, but was not limited to, protocols for contact tracing, Mr. Calvin added.

“Given the time that has lapsed since the student was in attendance, additional health-related factors were evaluated and considered,” Mr. Calvin said. “The district has done multiple deep cleanings in all of our schools and offices, including Fitzhugh Park Elementary School, and the health department has determined that it is safe for all of our schools to continue to provide in-person instruction.

“Please know the district is taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of its students and employees,” he added. “We will continue to closely monitor this situation and communicate updates whenever possible.”

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