MEXICO - Students in the Oswego County Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) program put their engineering skills to the test during a recent boat-building competition. The competition, designed and sponsored by P-TECH partner companies Huhtamaki (Fulton) and EJ (Phoenix), consisted of 70 students from three cohorts.

The goal of the competition was to design and build a boat that was capable of floating and carrying a certain amount of cargo. The boats were then tested in a homemade canal system, using large fans as a means of propulsion.

The competition ended with rewards being given to the winning teams.

Team “MegaMinds”, consisting of team members Evan Hansen (Mexico), Anthony Maniccia (Oswego), Alan Tubman (Oswego), Seth Arnold (Fulton), and Aleric Abley (Pulaski) received the award for “Performance Speed”.

Team 4, consisting of team members Maurice Kellison (Oswego), Riley Wood (Oswego), Morgan Coats (Hannibal), Cody Miner (Hannibal), Madeline Brown (Oswego) received the award for “Safety - Best Demonstrated Practices”.

Team “Pontoons”, consisting of team members Alexander Wejko (APW), William Appleton (CSQ), Cayden McKay (Phoenix), Dominique Bartle(APW), and Karisa Johnson (APW) received the “Industry Challenge” award.

Team 14, consisting of team members Mason Grey (Mexico), Autumn Trumble (Mexico), Brady Cowley (Mexico), Nikolas Strong (CSQ), and Ashley Lowry (APW) received the “Team Work - Best Demonstrated Practices” award.

“These industry challenges are an excellent opportunity for our students to apply all the valuable skills they’re learning here at P-Tech,” said P-TECH Principal Brian Heffron. “We are also very fortunate and thankful to be partnered with such great companies like Huhtamaki and EJ.”

The main focus of the competition was utilization of STEM skills that students have learned. Being that students were broken up into teams, critical thinking, communication, and dependability were also important skills that students had to demonstrate and utilize.

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