Pulaski students honored at senior night

PULASKI - Pulaski Academy and Central School recently held their annual Senior Awards Night, honoring the achievements of graduation seniors. This is also a night to award scholarships, which this year totaled over $115,000.

This year’s award winners are:

Daniel J. Moriarty Inspiration Award - Araina Redden (Creative Writing) and Donald Christian (Drama)

Christopher Gaffney Memorial - Sophie Lawrence

Elliott F. Cavellier Memorial Award - Emma Greulich

Valedictorian Award - Benjamin Carguello and Daniel Novak

Henry N. Mathison Award - Dylan Occhino

Philip and Rita Carpenter-Rombach Award - Haven Phillips

Office of the New York State Comptroller Award - Daniel Hefti

Army ROTC Scholarship - Sophie Lawrence

John L. Schneider Memorial Scholarship - Forest Hall

George Kline Memorial Scholarship - Daniel Novak

Fulton Savings Bank Scholarship - Emma Greulich and William Moore

Roger P. Howland Senior Class Memorial Award - Dylan Occhino

Triple C Award - Benjamin Carguello and Kalista Kimball

U.S. Air Force Awards - Daniel Novak and Albert Rodriguez (math & science)

Stephen Gorman and Alex Rodriguez (technology)

Daniel Novak and MacKenzie Mooney (athletics and academics)

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award- Benjamin Carguello and Abigail Hanley

Robert N. and Aleta J. Holbrook Memorial Scholarship - Albert Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez

The Fulton Companies Award - Abigail Hanley, Daniel Hefti, Houston Gonzalez and Corey Whitaker

Am Vets-Local Chapter Post 89 Award - Earl Wallis II

U.F.C.W. Local One Benefit Funds, Tops Markets - Zachary Roberts

Joyce Eagan Memorial Scholarship - Mallory Frank

Nettie D. Plummer Scholarship - MacKenzie Mooney

John Waddicor Reading Incentive Award - Emma Greulich and Robert Philips

Pulaski VFW Post 7289 Award - Earl Wallis II

Drama Club Award - Christina Forestiere and Samantha Hefti

George Roykouff Memorial Scholarship - Madison Coffin

Brian Barrett Memorial Scholarship - Mallory Frank

Snow Incentive Awards - Araina Redden, Abigail Hanley, Stephen Gorman, Benjamin Carguello, Daniel Hefti, Samantha Hefti, Emily Klein and Kelsey Kranz

Louise M. Smith and M. Robert Smith Scholarship - Emma Greulich

Oswego County Envirothon - Daniel Novak, Benjamin Carguello and Daniel Hefti

Most Worthy Rhea W. LaVeck Memorial Award - Cassandra McGregor

Edna Weisenburger Hatton and Alexander M. Hatton Community Life Award - Robert Philips

Harold Robinson Award - Daniel Novak

H. Bernice Halsey Memorial Award - Brianna Salisbury

James Martin Memorial Award - Jonathn Sprague and Kip Balcom

Dick Henderson Memorial Award - Evan Colvin

Teachers’ Association Scholarship - Araina Redden, Emma Greulich, Emily KleinErin Maneeley and Daniel Novak

The Finnerty Award for Excellence in Business - Ryan Archer

Oswego County School Facilities Association Award - Emma Camp and Erin Maneeley

MaryLee Kondratowicz Memorial Scholarship - Dominique Robinson and Kip Balcom

Traci Zimmer Memorial Scholarship - Samantha Hefti and Christina Forestiere

The Justin Nassoiy Memorial Award - Robert Philips

Rodney W. Jennings Memorial Scholarship - Albert Rodriguez

Darcy Ann Hilton Scholarship - Chelcie Oakes

Senior Boy & Girl Sportsmanship Award - Dylan Occhino and Abigail Hanley

Mary Kane Gates Award - Kalista Kimball

Pauline Rossman Award - Samantha Hefti

Varsity Club Award - Connor O’Donnell and Samantha Paternoster

Senior Boy & Girl Athlete Award - Daniel Hefti and Lauren Denny

Winfield Bud Jones Athletic Award - Daniel Hefti

Thousand Point Club - Lauren Denny and Samantha Paternoster

Joyce Watson Memorial Award - Kalista Kimball and Evan Colvin

PACS Math Department Award - Emma Greulich and Daniel Novak

Donald Hoenow Memorial Award - Shelby Giggey and Gabrielle Lewis

Class of 1959 Memorial Scholarship - Kelsey Kranz

Perry Hastings Community Service Award - Ashley VanDuzer

Parker Town Scholarship - Andrea DeLosh

Richard C. Jr. and Linda A. McNeeley Scholarship - Dominique Robinson

Mikayla Guile Memorial Scholarship - Chelcie Oakes and Lani Schmidt

Clifford “Buster” Philips Memorial Award - Grace Wilkinson

Distinction of the Den - Kalista Kimball

Oswego County Counselors’ Association - Ashley VanDuzer

John Yates Mahaffy Citizenship Award - Ericka Vrooman

Pulaski Lions Club Award - Dominick Spano

National Honor Society Award - Albert Rodriguez and Corey Whitaker

Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence - Benjamin Carguello, Daniel Hefti and Emma Greulich

Principal’s Award - Kristen McNitt and Stephen Gorman

Daniel B. Meacham Award - Mina Aguilar

Litts Family Scholarship - Daniel Novak and Emma Greulich

The Frederic Luther Memorial Scholarship Fund - Samantha Hefti

R. Burkett and Kathleen Curtiss Scholarship - Haven Phillips

Dr. Edward W. Sprague Scholarship - Lani Schmidt and Dylan Occhino

John Ben Snow Community Service Scholarship - Daniel Novak

John Ben Snow Memorial Trust Achievement Awards - Emma Greulich, Benjamin Carguello, Daniel Hefti and Erin Maneeley

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