Spartans gather for graduation CLASS OF 2019: Valedictorian encourages leaving positive footprints through life

KATHY TABER-MONTGOMERY/JOHNSON NEWSPAPERSSouth Jefferson’s graduating class of 2019 listened intently to speeches before the presentation of diplomas on Saturday.

ADAMS — The South Jefferson class of 2019 celebrated its graduation at the high school June 29 with family, friends, educators and community members.

Superintendent Mary Beth Denny addressed the graduates, saying: “Parents, thank you for sharing your precious children with us. You’ve raised fine young men and women, and you should be proud. Graduates, some of you attended South Jeff since Kindergarten while others joined the cohort along the way ... Whether you’ve been here for one year or 13, you are part of the Spartan family, and this is a very special family.”

Valedictorian Alexys Gayne talked about years of sharing ups, downs and experiences as a class. She also challenged her fellow graduates as they enter the next phases of their lives.

“Never forget the excitement and power we felt being the big kids in fifth grade, and how quickly that disappeared as we grew into small sixth-graders. Remember that status and respect is earned over time and can be lost quickly,” she said. “Remember that no storm can wash away your footprint, so make it one worth lasting. Go out into the world and leave the best footprint of the best you, you can be.”

South Jefferson students to graduate June 29 include MacKenzie Alexander, Hanna Ambrose, Caylie Anderson, Mya Baildon, Cullen Barney, Vanessa Barron, Jo Berry, Elaina Berlin, Avery Bertram, Anna Bica, Ryan Blevins, Tucker Bovee, Lillian Bresee, Leah Briones-Cooper, Rachel Brooks, Donovan Bunn, Cassidy Burnash, Megan Burnham, Sara Busler, Tiffany Cardosa, Connor Carr, Zachary Castor, Shayla Chapman, John Cramer, Paige Crandall, Emily Crossway, Nicole Daniels, Bryant Davis, Katelyn Delaney, Alex Denehy, Brandon Dorazio, Brooke Dorazio, Garrett Edgar, Taylor Edgar, Theresa Eibert, Paul Fairchild, Savannah Fish, Laura Fowler, Matthew Garland, Alexys Gayne, Kyler Getman, Keyara Gibson, Shaunte Gregoire, Alexus Hainline, Caleb Harris, Sydney Havens, Alycia Haynes, Hailey Honohan, Abigail Hulbert, Mikayla Hutchins, Marlena Jacobs, Morgan Buchanan, Cassandra Johnson, Tavien Johnson, Collin Jones, Michelle Kellar, John Kellogg, Laure’ Kelsey, Morgan Keruskie, Elizabeth Kissman, Mason Knapp, Olivia LaVere, Noelle Lennox, Bryce LeVac, Clara Marlowe, Nathaniel Matteson, Sierra Mayne, Sydney Mayne, Kendall McGill, Hannah McNamara, Kristi Mothersell, Hanna Neikirch, Madison Neukirch, Kaitlyn Nichols, Daniel Nier, DeAnna Ortiz, Matthew Ortlieb, Russell Overton, Anthony Paroubek, Casey Pelton, Logan Petrie, Lilly Putnam, Bobbie Rabetoy, Aidan Race, Alexandria Rawlins, Alicesa Raymond, Jessie Richardson, MacKenzie Riordan, Crystal Rivers, Hunter Roberts, Jacob Roberts, Arianna Robertson, Matthew Roof, Jared Roukous, Michaela Rounds, Kelsey Sackett, Mitchell Scoville, Gwendlyn Shafer, Melinda Schultz, Carter Smith, Jacob Smith, Brett Snyder, Hailey Snyder, Dominic Sorbello, Alyssa Stevenson, Ethan Stinson, Natalie Strough, Abigail Sullivan, Dakota Tennant, Haydn Thomas, Madison Thomas, Zandler Thomas, Shane Thorp, Storm Tiberend, Kayla Tripp, Kaylee Valentin, Kaley Wagner, Bradley Walton, Noah-James Weiler, Riley Williams, Leah Wilson, Jayleigh Wolfe and Morgan Woodworth.

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