The South Lewis Central School system reports that the following students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement for the first quarter marking period of the 2019-2020 school year. Students on the High Honor Roll have averages of 93 or better, those on the Honor Roll have averages of 88 to 92; and those on the Merit Roll have averages of 85 to 87.

HIGH HONOR (93 or better):

GRADE 9: Jennavieve Allen, Carson Dosztan, Brooke Kenyon, Clayton Kraeger, Aidan McGuire, Heidi Metzler, Olivia Millard, Dublin Moore, Kendall Nemeth, Barbara Plato, Emma Reid, Sarah Schindler, Piper Widrick and Mason Youngs GRADE 10: Lexi Bernard, Aspyn Dorrity, Jayden Ford, Matthew Hoskins, Alexyn Hunkins, Tazanna Molnar, Marilyn Preston and Jacob Worden

GRADE 11: Alexis Barriger, Jayden Denslow, Abbigail Durgan, Camryn Ely, Hannah Ielfield, Brenna Kenyon, Matthew Liddiard, Lauren Mashaw, Lauren McGuire, Madison Munn, Hunter Nagy, Briar Schweinsberg, Haily Walters and Keltsey Youngs

GRADE 12: Joseph Baxter, Branton Carpenter, Brady Chrzanowski, BreyLynne Farr, Gary Fenton, Ethan Fitzgerald, Izabelle Liendecker, Dylan Mashaw, Cory Millard, Kathryn Reid, Carson Schweinsberg, Panharoth Tep, Taha Umer, Katherine Vito and Kayley Walsh

HONOR ROLL (88 TO 92):

GRADE 9: Aiden Billhardt, Mitchell Domagala, Noah Edick, Skye Everson, Alexia Finster, Leah Greene, Andrew Higby, Violet Klossner, Brooke Kraeger, Abigail Litts, Dylan Ludwikowski, Sara Shaw, Jocelyn Strigle, Lanelle Vile, Isaiah Webster, Bruce Weiler, Ashley Wright and Carin Young

GRADE 10: Meghan Brown, Hewson Burd, Claudia Case, Aubree Domagala, Parker Kristoff, Kylie McCauley, Jada Pominville, Patience Rivers, Sarah Roser, Savanah Santamour, Emily Stinebrickner, Emily Wright and Brecken Yager GRADE 11: Ian Anderson, Rachael Baslow, Kallie Bauter, Miranda Bourgeois, Haley Dolan, Harleigh Dorrity, Mickaela Durant, Courtney Ebersol, Savanna Elliott, Trevor Griffith, Christopher Higby, Alexander Hirschey, Amelia Hoffman, Madelyn Hoffman, Morgen Hungerford, Aaron Kiser, Devan Maurer, Grace Mear, Robert Newell II, Brayden Post, Sophia Sabatini, Chloe Seller, Shane Sweredoski, Olivia Weiss and Ethan Youngs

GRADE 12: Brittney Alfano, Samuel Arrigo, Brandon Brinkerhoff, Harold Dorrity IV, Chloe Hunziker, Zoey Hunziker, Shane Knoblauch, Orion Levesque, Elijah Lohr, Mason Moore, RuBea Ostrander, Vanessa Patterson, Frankie Schwab, Matthew Skorupa, Chandelle Smith, Kayla Thompson, Jessica Widrick, Aaliyah Williams and Nathan Wright.

MERIT ROLL (85 to 87):

GRADE 9: Landon Dolan, Jordan Dorrity, Isabella Kalitzke, Zoey LaFramboise, Dylan Moshier, Madison Rookey, Ella Sherman, Austin Weiler and Alyssa Youngs

GRADE 10: Ayiana Cummings, Gabriella Earl, Elanie Foster, Laci Gokey, Owen Highers, Keaton Nagy, Shaylagh Randall and Dillion Wright

GRADE 11: Mandie Duvelow, Maron Kogut, Caleb Metzler, Savanah Moore, Harley Post and Alexis Smith

GRADE 12: Andrea Dailey, Kelanie Edick, Cody Greene, Kate Moore, Garrett Patterson and Brady Vosburgh

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