HEUVELTON — Heuvelton Central School students will receive free school supplies thanks to federal stimulus funding.

Due to the federal stimulus that was given to schools, Heuvelton Central School decided to use part of the funding to provide their students with school supplies, free of charge.

“The government put in a range of categories you could use the money for and categories you must use the money for,” said Heuvelton Central School Superintendent Jesse Coburn. “For example there was a stipulation that 20% of the funds must help address learning loss. But then something like school supplies, if you’re looking to help kids, they’re pretty inexpensive.”

Items that students receive will directly correlate with what their teachers require them to need.

“They’ll receive literally anything that would typically be posted on the website by their teachers,” said Coburn. “Anything from loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, folders, binders, all of those types of materials.”

Coburn noted the supplies have already been ordered and will be ready for the students when the school year begins.

“This allowed us to take the teachers’ supply lists and put an order in for those things in June,” said Coburn. “For example, if they’re going to the store and it’s already been picked over, they might not get what they need and might not be prepared on day one or week one. Also depending on what students are asked to provide, there’s monetary savings for them as well.”

Teachers will be passing out the supplies to their students as they are needed.

“Teachers are responsible for passing out the items to their students in class,” said Coburn. “The supplies will trickle out throughout the first week. I don’t think on the first day teachers will be concerned with getting things set up, I think it’ll be more about celebrating getting the students back into the classroom and being all together.”

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