CANTON — The cost of replacing the filter and water heater at the Canton Central School swimming pool came in higher than expected, prompting officials to delay the project until after the upcoming swimming seasons.

School Superintendent Ronald P. Burke said the school board has agreed to rebid the project. Advertising starts Aug. 19 and bids are due Sept. 13.

Skelly Contractors, Ogdensburg, submitted a bid of $202,104 to replace the pool filter and a bid of $47,002 for the water heater, totaling $249,106.

The district had budgeted $243,900 for the work which was money unspent from the most recent pool upgrade.

“Our budget would allow for the pool filter bid, but not the water heater,” Mr. Burke said. “It was decided to rebid the project with a longer time frame for the completion of the work with the goal of being able to undertake both parts of the project.”

He said it would take an estimated 12 weeks to deliver the pool filter.

“This time frame is significantly longer than originally thought,” Mr. Burke said.

Instead of starting this summer, plans now call for beginning the work in February after the boys’ swim season has finished.

“Provided that the leaks do not worsen, we anticipate that the pool will remain open for the girls’ swim season in the fall and the boys’ swim season in the winter,” Mr. Burke said.

Corrosion in the stainless steel pool filter created pinhole leaks, creating the need to replace the filter. There is also corrosion in the boiler that heats the pool water.

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