Virtual Learning course earns Quality Matters certification

POTSDAM — Teachers seeking an advanced degree or certification in education can now choose to complete a Quality Matters certified online course in Virtual Learning in the P-12 Classroom (ED573) offered exclusively by Clarkson University.

ED573 was designed and is taught by Clarkson’s Teaching and Learning Corner’s Managing and Senior Instructional Design team Erin Blauvelt and Loretta Driskel. This course was developed as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for K-12 teachers to pivot to online teaching. It helps to prepare tomorrow’s teachers by educating them on how to shift course interaction and materials from the physical classroom to an online setting.

Students explore elements that create quality online instruction including personalization, communication options and processes, student interactions, and a variety of learning experiences. The course empowers educators to build opportunities for their students to actively interact with each other, with their teacher(s), and with the content of the course.

Dr. Catherine Snyder, Associate Professor, Chair of Education and Associate Director of Institute for STEM Education at Clarkson University explains, “ED 573 Virtual Teaching for the P-12 Classroom is a timely and much needed course for all educators. This course prepares teachers to be flexible and creative in their instructional delivery using many platforms and tools. ED573 is designed to support teachers as we continue to redefine what teaching and learning mean in this new paradigm.”

The QM Certification is internationally recognized for quality in online and blended course design and represents Clarkson’s ongoing commitment to creating learning environments that provide learners with a clear pathway to success. The QM Official Review provided independent validation of the quality, learner-focused course design found in the ED573 course. Reviews are conducted by QM-Certified Reviewers and use the Quality Matters Rubric and associated Standards, which are based on research and best practices. A course earns the QM Certification Mark once it meets QM Rubric Standards at the 85% threshold or better and meets all Essential Standards.

ED573 was certified on March 12, 2021 and joins an elite directory of QM certified courses by top US institutions dedicated to quality in online and blended courses. Course instructors Blauvelt and Driskel will now display QM’s Seal of Recognition on course materials.

“Loretta and I have both been working with the Quality Matters program for over 10 years and have both reached the status of being certified Master Peer Reviewers”, said course instructor Erin Blauvelt. “Having the experience that we do with both instructional design and QM, we designed and developed the course with those principles in mind. Although we have served on many official course review teams for courses developed by others, we have not had the opportunity to put one of our own courses through the certification process. We were able to learn a lot about the faculty/instructor perspective by experiencing the process through this different lens.”

ED573 is offered Summer 2021. Class begins July 5, 2021. Enrollment information available

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