WATERTOWN — Voters in all school districts across the three-county area that reported 2020-21 budget vote tallies Tuesday evening approved spending plans for their districts.

One district, South Jefferson Central School District, did not report its results as of 11 p.m. Tuesday.

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled in-person voting for school budgets last year, resulting in all voting being done via mail-in ballots and increasing voter turnout. This year, absentee ballots were available to those who wanted them, but voters were also allowed to vote in person if they wanted.

Ballot counting began Tuesday morning, with some polls closing at 8 p.m. and the rest at 9 p.m. Districts are generally given up to 24 hours to complete the counts once polls close.

Voting results include:

Jefferson County

Alexandria: Budget $14,231,186: yes 233, no 17

Two three-year seats

Andrea Adsit: 135 votes

Timothy R. Davidson: 152 votes

Heather Lavarnway: 174 votes

Bus bond proposition: The district will borrow up to $298,000 to purchase two 66-passenger buses, passed 234 to 17

Gymnasium capital project: Total expected cost about $6.5 million, will result in no new costs for taxpayers, passed 221 to 22

Belleville Henderson: Budget $11,374,742: yes 216, no 73

One seat for a five-year term

Dennis R. Jerome: 189 votes

Michael J. Billman: 68 votes

David P. Bartlett: 27 votes

Carthage: Budget $65,752,853: yes 226, no 24

Two seats for three-year terms

Incumbent Garry E. Schwartz: 210 votes

Incumbent Anne Rohr: 229 votes

Library proposition authorizing $140,000 for the village of Carthage Free Library and $98,500 for the Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library, passed 217 to 32

General Brown: Budget $25,454,592: yes 200, no 69

Three seats for three-year terms

Incumbent Jamie Lee: 204 votes

Incumbent Kelly Milkowich: 205 votes

Albert Romano Jr.: 215 votes

School bus purchase: Purchase of up to four school buses of varying capacities at a cost not to exceed $365,000, passed 212 to 54

Indian River: Budget $89,921,500: yes 112, no 11

One open seat for a five-year term

Incumbent Tina Bartlett-Bearup: 115 votes

Proposition for at-large Board of Education seats, passed 92 to 29

LaFargeville: Budget $11,900,000: yes 41, no 4

One seat for a five-year term

Jada Walldroff: 45 votes

Lyme: Budget $8,825,479: yes 147, no 19

One seat for a five-year term

Ray McIntosh: 135 votes

Support annually for Lyme Free Library, $80,711, passed 146 to 20

Sackets Harbor: Budget $9,438,235: yes 96, no 15

One seat for a five-year term

Incumbent David Altieri: 105 votes

Proposal to purchase one 66-passenger school bus not to exceed $125,707, passed 97 to 14

South Jefferson: Budget $37,241,566: N/a

Two seats, one for five-year term and one for term of two years, one month and eleven days

Joseph A. Hodges: N/a

Troy Matteson: N/a

James S. Juczak: N/a

Purchase of school busses: Purchase and finance of six student transport vehicles at an estimated cost not to exceed $776,000, n/a

Library appropriation: Additional amount of $5,000 above the current amount of $15,00 for a new total amount of $20,000, which shall be paid to the Rodman Public Library, n/a

Thousand Islands: Budget $22,922,490: yes 233, no 58

Three seats for three-year terms

Incumbent Erik Swenson: 261 votes

Incumbent Carolyn C. Delaney: 230 votes

Shawn Cherchio: 253 votes

Capital Reserve Fund: Board can establish the ultimate amount of the Reserve Fund to be $6,000,000, passed 243 to 48

Funding the libraries: An additional amount of $22,500 above the current amount of $227,500 for a total of $250,000, which shall be paid to the Cape Vincent Library ($7,500 additional for a new total of $83,500), the Hawn Memorial Library ($7,500 additional for a new total of $84,000) and the Depauville Free Library ($7,500 additional for a total of $82,500), passed 231 to 62

Watertown: Budget $78,377,057: yes 477, no 91

Three seats for five-year terms

Ammbrose Souza: 415 votes

Lorie L. Converse: 433 votes

Rande S. Richardson: 519 votes

Capital project: $13 million capital project to address facilities improvements to meet the physical and functional needs of the district. The proposed project is tax neutral and will not require an increase in taxes for district residents, passed 486 to 82

Lewis County

Beaver River: Budget $18,241,189: yes 226, no 68

Two seats for five-year terms

Todd Lyndaker or Jacqueline Pate: Jacqueline Pate won with 246 votes

Todd Lighthall or Kevin Zehr: Todd Lighthall won with 164 votes

Bus Proposition seeking purchase of three vehicles at an estimated cost not to exceed of $290,573.36, passed 222 to 72

Board of Education seats at-large: Beginning at the May 2022 annual meeting and general election, and effective for the 2022-23 school year and each school year thereafter, shall seats on the Board of Education be filled on an “at large” basis, passed 243 to 47

BOE three-year terms: Full-term of office be decreased from five years to three years effective for new terms commencing July 1, 2022, without decrease in the term of office for any incumbent board members, passed 254 to 36

BOE ex-officio member: Should a high school senior be designated to serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Education, passed 227 to 64

Copenhagen: Budget $11,674,922: yes 63, no 6

Two seats for five-year terms

Lynn A. Murray: 68 votes

Robert F. Stackel: 64 votes

Write-in candidate received one vote Tuesday evening, but was not named

Harrisville: Budget $11,644,734: yes 74, no 13

One seat for a five-year term

Cory Bearor: 84 votes

Bus proposition: Purchase of two 66-passenger buses not to exceed $243,000, passed 73 to 14

Lowville: Budget $28,067,434: yes 239, no 22

Three seats for three-year terms

Michael Judd, seeking third term: 236 votes

Shereen Palmer: 234 votes

Andrew Jennings: 108 votes

Stacey McConnell: 154 votes

School bus purchase: Purchase of three school buses not exceeding $385,000, passed 234 to 26

Head Start Transportation: Authorized to provide transportation for Head Start pupils on regularly scheduled bus routes during the 2021-22 school year, passed 241 to 19

South Lewis: Budget $28,000,656: yes 221, no 80

Two seats for five-year terms

Mark Austin: 122 votes

Incumbent Jessica Carpenter: 239 votes

Joanna Dailey: 114 votes

Blake Place: 127 votes

School bus purchase: Three 66-passenger school buses for a total maximum aggregate of $377,178, passed 225 to 72

St. Lawrence County

Canton: Budget $33,107,411: 646 yes, 141 no

Victor N. Rycroft: 537 votes to claim three-year term

Robert E. Larrabee: 480 votes to claim one-year term

Kate Halleron Murphy: 523 votes to claim two-year term

Wendy Todd: 564 votes to claim three-year term

Christopher Marquart: 525 votes to claim three-year term

Bus proposition, passed 661 to 127

$27,500,000 building project resolution, passed 608 to 180

Canton Free Library proposition, passed 638 to 152

Clifton-Fine: Budget $11,345,218: 91 yes, 10 no

Three seats for three-year terms

Incumbents John Perrault: 94 votes

Jeremy Thompson: 79 votes

Lynne Backus: 91 votes

Colton-Pierrepont: Budget $11,105,716: 141 yes, 18 no

One seat for four-year term

Scott Baxter: 151 votes

Alison Bronson Shea: two write-in votes

A proposition to increase the capital reserve to $7,500,000, passed 137 to 23

A proposition to increase the library to $30,000, passed 141 to 18 no

Edwards-Knox: Budget $16,690,000: 164 yes, 20 no

Three seats for five-year terms

Incumbent Penny Allen: 137 votes

Dustin Lottie: 103 votes

Craig Kirkkpatrick: 101 votes

Andrew Ames: 90 votes

Roger Tresidder: 90 votes

Jennifer White: Four write-in votes

Arlena Dafoe: One write-in vote

Bus proposition, passed 163 to 21

Gouverneur: Budget $39,960,574: 132 yes, 63 no

Three seats for three-year terms

Incumbent Laura Spicer: 158 votes

Incumbent Laurie Roberts: 170 votes

Incumbent Nickolas Ormasen: 164 votes

Ten write-ins received one vote each

Hammond: Budget $9,302,473: 55 yes, 15 no

Two seats, a five-year term and a one-year term

Jennifer Gardner elected to five-year term

Viviana Wilmot elected to one-year term

Board of Education seat-at-large proposition, passed 58 to 11

Hermon-DeKalb: Budget $12,876,705: 80 yes, 4 no

One seat for five-year term

Anne Williams: 80 votes

Bus proposition, passed 81 to 3 no

Heuvelton: Budget $15,222,247: 113 yes, 27 no

Alexa “AJ” Backus elected to five-year term

Matthew Pinkerton: 32 votes

Michael Blevins: 40 votes

One write-in for Donald Trump

Lisbon: Budget $15,890,213: 146 yes, 23 no

One seat for four-year term

Mary Fonda: 155 votes

Five write-in votes

Bus proposition, passed 137 to 31

Madrid-Waddington: Budget $18,187,232: 252 yes, 32 no

Two seats for five-year terms

Wyatt Boswell: 186 votes

Amber Sullivan: 132 votes

Mike Ruddy: 82 votes

Ethan Ward: 28 votes

$250,000 bus proposition, passed 247 to 36

$100,000 capital outlay proposition, passed 250 to 24

Massena: Budget $59,712,626: 447 yes, 74 no

Two seats for five-year terms

Timothy Hayes: 333 votes

Patricia Murphy: 298 votes

Angela Frost: 142 votes

Incumbent Kristy Baker: 122 votes

Christopher Castell: 78 votes

One write-in vote each for Roger Clough, Chris Mayer and Adrian Taraska

Morristown: Budget $10,953,442: 147 yes, 31 no

Three seats for three-year terms

Tammy Ritchie: 126 votes

Jeffrey LaJoy: 116 votes

Mark Blanchard: 72 write-in votes

Pollyann Demick: 65 write-in votes

Jessica Collette: 26 write-in votes

Phil Barse and Cyril Aldrich: Four write-in votes

Andrea Bertrand, Kenneth Moore and David VarArnum: Two write-in votes

Josh Barkley, Andy Bertrand, Bridget Whalen-Nevin, Jim Bogardus, Cheryl Shatraw, Kevin Crosby, Penny Bogardus, Andria Turner, Deborah Perretta, Mark Bender, Leann Moquin and David Demers: One write-in vote

The capital reserve proposition not to exceed $3,000,000, passed 148 to 31

Norwood-Norfolk: Budget $24,834,943: 183 yes, 24 no

Three seats for three-year terms

Incumbent Stephen Markum: 162 votes

Incumbent Robert Barlow: 137 votes

Incumbent James Dillon: 127 votes

Kurt Fetter: 112 votes

Randal Freiman and Linda Freiman: One write-in vote

$306,000 bus proposition, passed 184 to 23

Ogdensburg: Budget $49,388,000: 870 yes, 395 no

Two seats

Angela M. Roberts: 784 votes

Renee Grizzuto: 665 votes

James Lafave: 353 votes

Robert Brinley: 317 votes

Bus purchase proposition, passed 870 to 279

Reserve fund proposition, passed 887 to 253

Ogdensburg Public Library referendum, passed 770 to 395

Parishville-Hopkinton: Budget $12,354,826: 174 yes, 54 no

One seat for five-year term

Heather Liebfred: 123 write-in votes

Geri Lynn Wilson: 85 votes

Five other write-in votes

Potsdam: Budget $35,815,351: 340 yes, 55 no

Three seats for three-year terms

Joshua Fiske: 324 votes

James Hubbard: 315 votes

Lynzie Shulte: 70 votes

Bus proposition, passed 346 to 48 no

St. Lawrence: Budget $26,279,357: 169 yes, 19 no

One seat for five-year term

Courtney Hallahan: 168 votes

Bus proposition, passed 170 to 18

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