Watertown High School, 1335 Washington St., April 21, 2021 in Watertown. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — In conjunction with its strategic plan established a few years ago, related to what impacts students instructionally, socially and emotionally, the Watertown City School District has been working on its graduation rate and district improvement plan. This work includes critical conversations about how to improve the graduation rate and what students need when they leave the district, whether they’re preparing for enlistment, enrollment or employment.

The next phase of this plan is to develop a “Portrait of a Graduate,” a document that will align to the district’s strategic plan as well as support future initiatives and programs at Watertown High School. The district’s committee, headed by Stacey Eger-Converse, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, is requesting stakeholder input to develop a clear picture of the skills, behaviors and characteristics students need as they leave city schools.

“We’ll merge all of the data and do a collective analysis of it, drawing some conclusions from all of that correlated data, and really trying to put into a paper based form to start,” Mrs. Eger-Converse said. “We want something that’s a tangible document that people can refer to and it becomes part of our living breathing language here at Watertown so that even a second grade teacher knows this is what we’re trying to manifest at the end of the road.”

Any Watertown resident is eligible to complete the survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes. The committee handling the survey will follow up with focus groups in the early spring, and an opportunity to volunteer to be selected to participate in these groups is available in the survey.

The survey can be accessed at http://wdt.me/GraduatePortrait and will be available through Jan. 31. Anyone in need of a paper copy of the survey can contact the District Office at (315) 785-3700.

“I think the more comprehensive input we can have from our community members, our parents and families, alumni, staff and our students as well, the more comprehensive that data is, the better off we will be at being able to create an accurate, positive and comprehensive visual of what our students should have in place when they when they leave Watertown High School,” Mrs. Eger-Converse said.

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