LOWVILLE — It has been 50 years since the area last had community tent evangelistic meetings. Starting at 7 p.m. each evening through Aug. 24, the public is invited to the tent at Maple Ridge Center, 7421 East Road, for music with a biblical message. Read More ⇒

SYRACUSE - Life changed for John Clark of Central Square, in November of 2016. He was diagnosed with cancer. One month later, surgeons removed half of his colon. In 2019, he found out the cancer spread to his liver, making his diagnosis stage four metastatic colon cancer. Read More ⇒

OSWEGO - The St. Mary’s Purgatorian Society was established on Nov. 2 by Bishop Douglas J. Lucia Bishop of Syracuse in a Pontifical Solemn High Mass. The intent of the society is to bring relief to the suffering souls in Purgatory by offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in their name. It … Read More ⇒

WATERTOWN — In May of 2020, the Rev. Leon I. VanWie, who retired as at Asbury United Methodist Church in 2017, was elected chief chaplain of the New York State Association of Fire Chaplains Inc., an organization with over 350 members. Due to COVID-19, the annual meeting and training conferen… Read More ⇒

CLEVELAND - “We are called to live a lifestyle of miracles!” This will be the central message coming out of Bethel Community Fellowship on the weekend of Aug. 27–29. Read More ⇒