POTSDAM — Former members of the Christian Fellowship Center congregated Sunday in front of the CFC in Potsdam to protest alleged systemic abuses within the church and advocate passing of the CARE Act, a state bill that would make clergy mandated reporters of child abuse or mistreatment.

“We’re gathered here to support the CARE Act, and the purpose of that bill is to add clergy to the list of mandated reporters,” said Abigail Nye, a former CFC member and founder of CFCtoo, which aims to educate the larger community about abuse and assist anyone who wants to leave the church.

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Skye Opel

I applaud those who are trying to bring this abuse against children to an end in what should be a safe environment for worshipers. Although a minister or Elder may be a source of guidance and wisdom it is a big mistake to rely on anyone to control your life decisions. A big clue might be if you are attending a church where everyone with any authority is male. If you are female, that should scare you.


This is the second excellent article on the CFC's alleged culture of abuse and the CFCtoo's courageous effort to expose it, hold offenders accountable, protect children and the vulnerable, and advance passage of the CARE Act.

Thank you to reporters Andy Gardner and Mike Gagliardi.

The CFC's alleged culture of abuse and the failure of the St. Lawrence County District Attorney's Office to prosecute Gerardo D. Perez in a timely manner, leading to the charges against him being dropped, should be reported to the NY AG's office.

"It takes a village" to expose and confront systemic abuse. Integral and vital to the "village" is the media. Good work, Watertown Daily Times.

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