LOWVILLE — Each suicide touches the lives of about 135 people, according to a series of studies between 2016 and 2018 conducted by a group from the University of Kentucky. Anna M. Platz, deputy director of Lewis County Public Health and head of the Suicide Prevention Coalition, believes it. Read More ⇒

WATERTOWN — Amid the sunshine and hustle and bustle of Wednesday’s farmers market, under the canopy of Watertown’s City Hall, the Alliance for Better Communities invited community members to join together for a Community Recovery Action Day event in conjunction with International Overdose Aw… Read More ⇒

With many teens heading back to school, peer pressure and academic expectations are once again a reality. These added pressures can cause ups and downs during what can be an already tumultuous time of life. For some teens, though, the lows are more than just temporary feelings. They’re sympt… Read More ⇒