Farnham Family Services marks 50th anniversary

For 50 years Farnham Family Services has provided services to residents of Oswego County.

OSWEGO - For the past 50 years Farnham Family Services has provided Oswego County with solutions to the problems created by substance abuse. Through an array of treatment services, education and intervention strategies, as well as networking with other community agencies, Farnham Family Services continues its mission of reducing and eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Since its inception as a crisis center in an abandoned dormitory at SUNY Oswego, Farnham Family Services has continuously evolved by adding and adapting services to meet the changing needs of those in Oswego County. Services such as individualized and group counseling, continuing care, parenting education, medication assisted treatment, jail-based services, additional vocational supports, and evidence-based programs are providing assistance to hundreds of individuals.

With its focus on providing consistent, quality services Farnham Family Services began offering physical health services four years ago. “We added this service to address some of our patients’ basic unmet physical health needs,” said Farnham Family Services Director of Operations Penny Greene. “Up to 70% of the people we serve had unmet medical needs. Our medical staff offers assistance with those needs while we help connect them with more permanent primary care support.”

Most recently Farnham has addressed the increase in the abuse and addiction of opioids and heroin.

“We wanted to do more for those affected by addiction,” said Farnham Board President Mike Dehm. “We applied to New York state and are now able to offer and administer Suboxone, a controlled substance used for the treatment of opioid or heroin dependence and addiction.” Suboxone can be used to suppress symptoms cravings and withdrawal so that individuals may begin other forms of treatment and therapy. “We also established Oswego County’s first Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) which offers residents of Oswego and neighboring counties a potentially life-saving opportunity, and also provides long-term positive impact in the community.”

Along with the addition of services and programs, Farnham marked its 50th anniversary by joining forces with the County of Oswego Council on Alcoholism and Addictions (COCOAA) to form a more efficient and stronger organization and expanding its reach into northern Oswego County.

“We are now offering services in Mexico and Pulaski at the former Harbor Lights Chemical Dependency Services locations,” said Farnham Family Services Executive Director Eric Bresee. “The addition of those sites allows for easier access to our services and increases our presence in the county.”

As it has been since the beginning, Outpatient Treatment Peer Support continues to be Farnham’s most in-demand service. It’s a combination of mentorship, crisis support, education, in-home and community-based services, and connecting patients to formal recovery supports. These services make Farnham’s Outpatient Treatment an effective program that has helped hundreds of patients in their journey to escape the destructive grip of drug and alcohol addiction.

“For the past 50 years Farnham has played an integral part in enhancing the health of our community,” said Dehm. “With four facilities throughout Oswego County and a prevention and education program in eight Oswego County School Districts, Farnham continues to be a source of help to families who’s loved ones struggle with substance abuse and addiction.”

“Our mission at Farnham is to reduce and eliminate the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in Oswego County,” added Bresee. “Adding locations in Mexico and Pulaski, and bringing COCOAA under our umbrella, have given us the opportunity to expand our reach and make it easier for residents of Oswego County to access our services.”

“Over the years Farnham has provided invaluable programs to those dealing with addiction and substance abuse issues,” continued Bresee. “Moving forward, we will continue to do so by staying on the cutting edge of treatment, education and support services.”

For more information on Farnham Family Services visit farnhaminc.org.

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