The visitation policies at the Alice Center’s Assisted Living Center have been updated in accordance with updated guidelines from the state’s Department of Health. Evan Wheaton/Malone Telegram

MALONE — The Alice Center has updated guidelines for visitors at the Assisted Living Program and the updated guidelines are effective immediately.

According to a press release from Phillip Rau, a spokesperson for Alice Hyde Medical Center, the changes include permitting more than one visitor at a time, in addition to allowing visitation in resident’s rooms.

“Welcoming more loved ones back into our facility is an important step towards normalcy for our residents and our staff,” Sherri Dabiew, the Assisted Living Program’s administrator, said in the press release, “We continue to stress the importance of healthy behaviors and observing infection control guidelines during visits, to keep our residents safe.”

The changes at the Assisted Living Program reflect updated guidelines from the state’s department of health, according to Rau’s press release.

Under the expanded visitation guidelines, Alice Hyde’s Assisted Living Program will host visitation from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., seven days a week, according to Rau’s press release, which states 10 visitors are allowed in the building at one time, in accordance with state guidelines, with visitation taking place in residents’ rooms.

Each resident is allowed two visitors for the full two-hour session, with a total of 10 visitors allowed in the facility at one time, according to Rau’s press release.

All visits must be scheduled in advance by calling 518-481-8404 or 518-481-8401, according to Rau’s press release, which states all visitors, will be screened prior to entering the facility.

A full list of the Assisted Living Program’s visitation guidelines is available on Alice Hyde’s website.

A COVID-19 test is not required to visit the Assisted Living Program, but Alice Hyde is strongly recommending that all visitors receive testing before vising their loved ones, according to Rau’s press release.

State-sponsored testing is available at the Alice Hyde COVID-19 Test Site at 130 Park Street, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

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