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POTSDAM — St. Lawrence Health System providers, clinical staff, and patients will be receiving training in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research thanks to a recently awarded $216,359.

The grant funding, which was awarded through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), was awarded to the St. Lawrence Health System’s Clinical Research Department where, according to a news release, the program will aim to provide education on how to best identify and address questions and outcome measures of importance to patients and the community, as well as to develop an infrastructure for developing a patient-centered research program within the St. Lawrence Health System.

Carly Lovelett, the clinical research manager who is also serving as project lead on the grant, said a Stakeholder Advisory Committee is being established and is comprised of provider, patient, and community representatives who will each share responsibility for leading the decision making, and keeping the project moving forward over the next two years.

The committee will conduct interviews and surveys to gauge and then deliver on the training needs of providers and patients, in order to establish a “hub of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research knowledge and excellence.”

“Patient-Centered Outcomes Research gives patients a voice in research design, implementation, education, and results-sharing.” Ms. Lovelett said in the release. “By involving patients in every step of the research process, we will ensure we conduct research specifically aimed to answer questions that are most important to our patients, and to help us better understand and serve our north country community.”

St. Lawrence Health System Rheumatologist Eyal Kedar, MD, is the grant Medical Lead, and System Pulmonologist Frederic Seifer, MD, FCCP, is serving as committee co-chair.

“Developing a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research program within St. Lawrence Health System is a critical part of the longer-term plan of developing a successful health and clinical research center,” Dr. Kedar stated. “It answers the questions most important to patients, and provides real solutions for the delivery of safe, efficient, and effective primary and subspecialty care to rural communities. This is a major step forward for our healthcare system and our community as a whole.”

As the program develops, strategies and results will be shared with other rural hospital systems with an interest in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research. At the end of the two year timeline, the goal is to have both the local understanding and a framework in place for conducting patient-centered research in St. Lawrence County, according to the release.

“The surveys will help us understand and tailor the training to attendees’ preferences and specific areas of interest. Giving future attendees some ownership over the delivery and content of the training will hopefully result in an engaging and effective learning environment,” Ms. Lovelett said.

The Clinical Research Department will be partnering with the University of Maryland’s PATIENTS Program to help develop and deliver the training.

To learn more about the St. Lawrence Heath System Clinical Research Department, visit

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