National Public Health Week is April 5 to 11 –

OSWEGO — The COVID-19 pandemic is likely the biggest public health challenge many have faced. One year later, as the county marks National Public Health Week from Monday, April 5 through Sunday, April 11, they take another opportunity to give thanks to the public health workers.

Each year, the American Public Health Association designates the first full week of April as a time to recognize public health workers and highlight key issues to improve the health of the nation. In recognition of the connections made and partnerships strengthened over this last year, the theme of the 2021 campaign is “Building Bridges to Better Health.”

“Working through this pandemic has been a team effort,” said Oswego County Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang. “We’ve formed many partnerships over the years that help us safeguard the well-being of our residents and prepare for public health crises such as this. This last year has affirmed the importance of those connections. Working together, we continue to reinforce those relationships and strengthen our public health infrastructure to further help people enjoy happy and healthy lives.”

Celebrating public health is more significant now than ever before. To think of the people who responded to the COVID-19 health crisis, to remember their sacrifices, and to thank them for their hard work in trying to keep the communities safe over the last year.

Oswego County Supervising Public Health Nurse Jodi Martin said that making communities safe and healthy is the primary goal for public health practitioners. “Ensuring the health and well-being of everyone in our communities is our top priority. From preventative care to environmental health, public health is a part of every aspect of our lives.”

She added, “While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, our team remains committed. These dedicated professionals demonstrate this commitment to protecting the public every day. They are on-call and ready to respond to any emergency that threatens the health of our community.”

Huang said that public health relies on teamwork. “Between the dedication of our staff, the collaboration of our community partners, and the cooperation of our residents, we can all get through this pandemic by working together. When we trust the science of thorough investigation and unbiased analysis, and follow the guidance ensuring the most effective responses, we can reduce the spread of the virus and put this pandemic on pause.”

The Oswego County Health Department provides a variety of public health services to residents, including children with special needs. In addition to disease surveillance and prevention, it offers maternal and child health care home visits, hospice care, nutrition education, environmental health inspections, pet vaccinations for rabies prevention, and emergency preparedness.

For more information about the Oswego County Health Department, go to For details about National Public Health Week, visit

To learn more about COVID-19, go to or call the COVID-19 Hotline at 315-349-3330. Phone lines are open from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Under New York State Public Health Law, the Oswego County Health Department is the local public health authority regarding the COVID-19 pandemic response within the county of Oswego. The Oswego County Health Department works closely with New York State Department of Health regarding COVID-19 monitoring, response and reporting.

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