Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay’s district office closed to walk-in visitors

Assembly Minority Leader William A. Barclay is calling for a return to regular state government operations and an end to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s expanded emergency powers in light of declining COVID-19 cases across the state.

Are you surprised the north country does not yet meet Gov. Cuomo's criteria to begin reopening?

You voted:

In his May 9 statement, Mr. Barclay noted that the emergency powers were always intended to be temporary and that the time has now come for state government to return to its basic principle of representative democracy.

“The decisions we face in the coming weeks will impact New Yorkers for years to come,” he said in the statement. “When are regions opening up? How do we fix a $13 billion budget hole? What are we doing to help people and businesses fully recover? Answers to these questions need to be developed through a legislative process and in a manner that gives a voice to every New Yorker. One-party rule is rife with issues.”

Since assuming widespread authority after declaring a state of emergency on March 7 and later extending the order to June 6, Gov. Cuomo has issued 29 executive orders and changed more than 250 laws in response to the COVID-19 crisis, according to Mr. Barclay’s release.

On April 20, the Assembly Minority called for a plan to regionally reopen businesses in regions where COVID-19 was less prevalent. While Gov. Cuomo presented a framework for reopening areas meeting certain conditions, as of this week, no regions in New York State have met the governor’s criteria, according to the release.

During his Sunday press conference, the governor said some regions of New York can start reopening Friday, but would not say which regions are eligible to reopen under the state’s four-phase reopening plan he outlined May 4.

“Fortunately, we have seen improvements in COVID-19 numbers and I hope that trend continues,” Mr. Barclay said. “With critical decisions and budget activity directly in front of us, it is essential that our branches of government function as co-equal partners and in a manner where 19.5 million New Yorkers are properly represented.”

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(6) comments

Kevin Beary

Assemblyman Barclay voted for this bill, as did most Republican lawmakers. ( They knew full well that the bill granted the governor special powers in perpetuity. No good complaining now. The time to champion the legislative process was when the bill was being voted on.


You are forgetting how gullible North Country conservatives are, Kevin. Stefanik is saying "china is going to pay for this", Mexico has not paid one penny for "the wall" imagine being so stupid you believe that Stefanik is going to get "china to pay for this".

In order to believe something that idiotic you probably would have to be a member of "The Family Values Party" that voted in record number for Trump who was cheating on his third wife with an adult film star while Melania was pregnant. (2006, busy year for Trump!) You know, Republicans, "The Moral Majority" who elected a reality TV clown who ran a fake university to be president.

Barclay knows just how dumb his audience is, the same people who think the Catholic Church had no idea molestation was happening. That kind of people. It might not be "politically correct" to say so, but truth hurts.

Holmes -- the real one

Maaan, all the doctors and nurses and microbiologists and epidemiologists and other researchers keep saying that Covid-19 is dangerous but all these dudes I went to high school with and barely passed science and all these preachers on the TV who have you put your hand on the set and get healed or who send a prayer cloth in the mail for a donation say it's not dangerous. It's so hard to know just who to believe anymore.


Biomedical researchers or a president who ran a fake university? Tough to tell who is right.


Sure hope your proposal works out. Yes we have to open and start getting back to a more normal life but safe but safely. I think we are smart enough to do that as well as protecting those around us.Representative Barkley your are correct in your comments.

Enough is enough


As a long time North Country resident I can confidently say the region is pretty dumb. We voted for child molester Chris Ortloff to the assembly because he was a TV star and we voted a guy who ran a fake university to be president because he was a TV star. Facts matter, and truth hurts. There is a reason the smartest kids leave and don’t return, and it isn’t jobs.

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