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BRASHER FALLS — The Brasher Town Board has gone on record to support the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, and oppose the state’s Green Light Law, which allows those without legal immigration status to apply for driver’s licenses in New York.

The board passed two resolutions during its monthly meeting on Thursday, letting elected representatives know how they felt about the two issues.

The first resolution supported a Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance, a measure that would prohibit enforcement of various state gun-control laws, including the SAFE Act.

Town Supervisor Mark A. Peets noted that the rights of law-abiding gun owners, as well as hunting and sports enthusiasts, had been infringed on.

“Law-abiding gun owners adhere to existing laws that are already on the books. The criminal outlet does not abide by existing laws on gun control, which should be the target of the energy to limit and not on restricting the rights of the law-abiding citizens,” he said.

Board members also supported a resolution calling for the repeal of the Green Light Law “because the thought of giving a driver’s license, a secure identification document, to someone who is intentionally breaking the law is inconceivable,” the resolution read.

The resolution also noted that the law was “putting law enforcement agents and public at risk and shielding criminals from detection” because Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were prohibited from accessing the Department of Motor Vehicles database as part of an investigation.

“The Green Light Law stands as a dangerous and unnecessary roadblock to ongoing federal investigations” into criminal activity, impacting offers and agents in the field, the resolution read.

Mr. Peets noted that, in 2019, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 149 child predators, seized 6,487 pounds of illegal narcotics, identified and rescued 100 victims of human trafficking and exploitation, and arrested 230 gang members in New York.

Now, he said, their hands were tied, although they were not asking the state to provide a list of illegal aliens, but needed to access the information whether the subject was a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or illegal alien.

“It’s a lot of words, but it means quite a bit,” Mr. Peets said of the resolution. “The Green Light Law has put a lot of New York state folks in jeopardy, I feel. I am not anti-immigrant. I am against illegal immigration. My grandmother came over here when she was 16 and she went through the naturalization classes and became a U.S. citizen, and that’s the way to do it.”

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Get off welfare, Brasher Falls and your opinion might be worth something.


Brasher Falls is apparently a very fortunate place...they not only have Town Supervisor Mark A. Peets ...but he's also a constitutional scholar who not only interprets the 2nd A for the rest of us, but expects us to follow... Not likely Mark... interpreting the constitution is above your pay grade dude.. That job goes to judges and court cases... not a town supervisor of 1100 people..

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