To give ourselves something to look forward to, my sister and I organized a backyard baseball tournament. Games are held every Saturday, rain or shine (once it was snow!). Lucky for us, we have a spacious backyard, so we have plenty of space for fly-balls, without breaking anything. Read More ⇒

I remember 3 months ago the big talk and joke in school was about the coronavirus. If you coughed or sneezed you had “corona.” No one took it seriously and no one ever thought the virus would make it to anywhere near us. We would watch the news of it spreading in and around China but never d… Read More ⇒

Because of quarantine, I haven’t been able to leave the house and play with friends so I have to play games with my online friends. And it is also hard to transition from doing school work at school to doing school work at home on a computer. And my mom, dad, and step dad are all essential w… Read More ⇒

We are in the season of the Coronavirus, 2020. The coronavirus has kicked us out of school. Stuck at home during this time, knowing that tens of thousands of people are dying from it is difficult. Read More ⇒

This is Nevaeh Kelsey reporting from behind closed doors; after all, we are all in quarantine. I cannot wait for quarantine to be over. I miss my school, my teacher and friends. I really just miss living normal. I didn’t even know what quarantine was until March 20, 2020, when New York shut down. Read More ⇒

During quarantine we have been keeping busy by jumping on the trampoline, playing board games, riding bikes and pretty much anything outdoors. As for school, we have a schedule. We have breakfast/free time and then school starts and we do what our teachers assign us. Then we have lunch and a… Read More ⇒

Going through this pandemic is making my family, friends and neighborhood closer together than before. Don’t get me wrong, it is a hard, tough and long experience. It’s been hard for all the parents and adults being furloughed, teachers trying to teach the kids and help them with technology,… Read More ⇒

Having online school work and online classes is not easy. Just having one class is stressful enough. But some people have sports so their coaches do online classes with them. For example, I have online school every day and dance practice every week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But some coac… Read More ⇒