Can’t wait for quarantine to be over

Even though sleeping in or studying in pajamas may be fun, many students learning at home miss the in-person interaction with their friends and teachers. Zoom meetings allow for some communication during the school week. Pexels photo illustration

This is Nevaeh Kelsey reporting from behind closed doors; after all, we are all in quarantine. I cannot wait for quarantine to be over. I miss my school, my teacher and friends. I really just miss living normal. I didn’t even know what quarantine was until March 20, 2020, when New York shut down.

It all started on March 14th, 2020, (Pi-Day) when they dismissed school for almost a month. I was sad, but I tried to think positive. I told myself it was an extended vacation; just some fun time to spend with family! But reality set in on May 1st. School closed for the remainder of the year. I was devastated.

I had to learn to adjust. My brother Leon and I do Zoom meetings on our Chromebooks and that has helped. I get to see my teacher and classmates on the weekdays. Now, take it from a sixth grade student, at H.T. Wiley, with the greatest and smartest teacher in the universe, not only does she teach me but she gives tips for my parents to help us learn more. It’s not the same as in person, and it was a little weird at first. It’s like a whole new world.

Quarantine is hard: not able to go to the store, not able to see your friends in person and doing school on a computer! It all seems so unreal.

I have spent my time in quarantine trying to stay active and learn new things. So far I learned how to sew, cook and speak a bit of Spanish. I even enjoy going camping in our camper at our campsite, a.k.a. our backyard! We get to bond a lot but I still miss school.

This is Nevaeh Kelsey signing off with some reminders while typing on a school Chromebook, stuck in the house, but safe. We should use this time to bond with our family, learn to be patient and appreciate what we have.

Stay Safe :3

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