Four fun facts about water


How many of these four facts about water do you know?

State of change

Water is the only natural substance on Earth that can be found in all three physical states: liquid, solid and gas.

Try it yourself: Can you find the different states of water around your home? Look for ice, liquid water and vapor.

Not too dense

Unlike many substances, the solid form of water is actually less dense than the liquid form.

Try it yourself: Add ice to water. The less dense property will float!

Thick ‘skin’

Water the highest surface tension of any liquid except mercury. This means water molecules want to hold on to each other. At the surface of water, where water meets air, there are fewer bonds for the water to cling to, so it creates a barrier.

Try it yourself: Fill a clear glass with water and look sideways at the liquid. You will see a thin layer of water that looks almost like a skin. This is where the water is bonding to itself rather than the air above it. Carefully place a needle or a paperclip on top and observe how it floats on top of the water’s surface.

Soapy solution

Soap decreases the surface tension of water.

Try it yourself: Repeat the previous experiment with water mixed with soap or detergent to see how the surface of the water reacts.

Information from the U.S. Geological Survey website. For more, visit

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