Friendships move online during coronavirus

Playing video games online is one way for children to stay connected with friends. Fortnight

Because of quarantine, I haven’t been able to leave the house and play with friends so I have to play games with my online friends. And it is also hard to transition from doing school work at school to doing school work at home on a computer. And my mom, dad, and step dad are all essential workers so they have to work during this.

Because of quarantine, I haven’t been able to play with my friends so I have to play with them online and I can’t leave the house. The games we play are Totally Reliable Delivery Service and Roblox and Fortnite and Apex, so they are online anyway. And I can’t leave the house except to go to my dad’s house.

So a few weeks ago one of my cats came back. It was one named Rajah and we got a new cat like a month ago but its name is Jenie. Jenie is about 12 weeks old and Rajah is about 3 years old. All of our kittens Jennie, Bagheera, and Dooby like to play together and sometimes play rough.

For some people if they got in a routine like a school routine it is hard to transition to doing the school work from home. And it is hard to stay on track when all the stuff I like to do is right next to me, so I get distracted. And sometimes I want to play with my friends so I forget to do my schoolwork. And sometimes I can’t get the work done on time.

My dad works almost every day which is sad, but he still makes enough money to pay for food.

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