COVID shift brings struggles, stress

Rylin McAllister was looking forward to her first year on varsity softball, but after one week on the team, the season was cancelled. “Sometimes at night I can’t fall asleep because I’m thinking about, what if I’m not ready for school next year?” Rylin said. Vecteezy

I remember 3 months ago the big talk and joke in school was about the coronavirus. If you coughed or sneezed you had “corona.” No one took it seriously and no one ever thought the virus would make it to anywhere near us. We would watch the news of it spreading in and around China but never did we think we would be on the news only months later. The school had little conversations on what if it came here, what would we do?

The last day of school before our week break the teachers told us to bring home some of our binders and chromebook in case we ended up getting closed. Everyone was so excited and hoped and prayed that we would get closed. It was at my brother’s birthday party when we read the news and found out we were closing for what we thought would only be a couple weeks. This was the last time that I saw my family for a long time. My family was bummed because we were supposed to go to Florida on vacation a couple weeks later but we were also excited to have school closed.

The first week of online school was very tough. The teachers and students were figuring everything out and had no idea where to start with online schooling. I remember me and my two best friends on Facetime crying because of how confused and stressed out we were with school. This new way of teaching made many kids have to become more organized and responsible. The first week I spent an hour making my schedule.

Some kids were loving independence and some just couldn’t do it, but after a couple weeks of doing the online schooling many of us realized how much we took school for granted and how much we wanted everything to go back to normal and to just be able to see our family and friends.

I have a couple people in my grade that I know of whose grandparents are in the hospital in critical condition, but they aren’t allowed to see them because this would be putting them at risk.

I was never too worried for myself or my parents about corona because it had only been killing the elderlies at this point, but then it started affecting people in their 30s. My mom had gotten all the symptoms of corona and was very sick, and my whole family had a temperature. We were all sure we had gotten corona, until she got the test results back negative. It’s crazy how much different and scarier it is when you think that a loved one of yours has it. Soon after this, corona had reached Heuvelton and our neighbor had gotten it. A new law was put out that masks were necessary to go out in public. Grocery stores had many empty shelves because everyone was stocking up on food. The stores had to make a limit of food per person so no one went hungry.

This year was going to be my first year on varsity softball, and we only got one week of it in before sports were canceled. We figured that we would get to play and continue with our season until we found out that school was canceled for the rest of the year. My coach had my whole softball team come to the field with masks on for us to get our softball pictures. She had also made us shirts with the show friends symbol on it. Seeing all of them made me realize how much I love and miss them and how I’ll never take them for granted again.

Sometimes at night I can’t fall asleep because I’m thinking about, what if I’m not ready for school next year, and thinking about, how did this really even start?

Each news channel tells you something different and all the people in the government who are supposed to work together to help us, just fight with each other and disagree with each other’s ideas.

I see pictures of these nurses whose faces are permanently scarred from wearing these masks to protect themselves and patients. I see all these devastated seniors who lost the year they have been waiting for. My school put on a parade where the teachers drive by students’ houses and get to see them. I realized that school is their safe place and their way to get food.

This has been a new and difficult experience for everyone and I can only hope that soon everything will go back to being at least close to the way it was. This is how my experience of the corona outbreak has been.

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