Quarantine has been a rollercoaster for most people. Surprisingly it hasn’t been that crazy. It’s been normal everyday stuff for me.

I’ve mostly listened to music, taken walks or written in my free time apart from school work. Right now I’m listening to a book called “The Outsiders.” It’s really good so far.

I’m also reading “Rain Reign” by Ann M. Martin for the 10th time. It’s a really good book if you want to cry. I’m also listening to a lot of music. I mostly listen to music from musicals from shows like “Betelgeuse,” “Dear Evan Hansen” or “Hadestown,” but I do love to listen to bands like My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco.

My dog and cats are getting along, thank goodness, and we did get a fish before quarantine. His name is Charlie, and he’s holding up pretty good. My dad is working on our lawn a lot, and it looks fantastic so far. We are also growing some herbs like lavender, sage and rosemary. Going on walks is fun, and there’s a trail right by my house that’s fantastic for walks.

School work is going pretty well, it’s not where I want it, but it’s not bad. I’ve also done some artwork, not much though but it’s still fun. My family had this Zoom meeting where we each talked about our top 10 movies and THAT was a fun meeting.

Although quarantine has been rough on others I think it has helped me find myself along the way.

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