everywhere i look people hide their faces with masks

i don’t recognize anyone anymore

my first outing in weeks

it’s so desolate

cabin fever is overwhelming

and the populous can’t take much more

they demand to be set free

free from what?

from your home — a roof over your head?

food on your table?

from your family, the ones who love and care for you?

appreciate that you have all of those things

you see people who feel as though they’re untouchable

walk into stores

then you see ones who are afraid

who want to prevent

and protect the ones who can’t fight against the monster we call COVID-19

my mother preps to go into price chopper for the first time in three weeks

mask, gloves,

hand sanitizer awaiting for her return in the car

she follows the rules, not only for herself but for her children

for the innocent, the ones who need to be protected

to the careless people who frolic with their friends from towns over

the ones who engage in social interaction two feet too close

why don’t you realize that you’re simply prolonging this isolation?

think about someone other than yourself for a change

in this time of fear and panic and grief

practice selflessness

we are all going through hard times right now

but you are strong, and we will win this fight as long as we do it together

we are a team, and once we start playing as one

we will rise again

stronger, and more aware of our actions

simply remember that love and peace will conquer

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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