Siblings plan quarantine baseball tournament

Ninth-grader Michael Pierce planned a backyard baseball tournament with his sister on April 18. Submitted photo

To give ourselves something to look forward to, my sister and I organized a backyard baseball tournament. Games are held every Saturday, rain or shine (once it was snow!). Lucky for us, we have a spacious backyard, so we have plenty of space for fly-balls, without breaking anything.

For lack of other players, my sister and I each represent one team. One of us pitches, and the other bats. If a runner makes it to first base, he or she then bats from first base, as if it were home plate. This way, we avoid the controversy that erupted when we tried using imaginary runners. (It was very hard to keep track of them.)

The tournament is composed of industrial league teams, hand-picked from a sports series. I always play the team on the top of the bracket, and my sister always plays the team on the bottom.

The game is decidedly stacked against the pitcher. All the batter has to do is hit the ball and run for first base. The pitcher, on the other hand, must track the ball, pick it up and run after the batter. Rules regarding tag-out and force-outs are the same as normal baseball.

To add excitement for the fans, we even have a concessions girl. Our vendor, “Consuela Schlepka” (Name derived from the movie “Holiday Inn”) paces the stands after each half-inning, selling lemonade, pretzel “cigars,” and of course, Cracker Jack.

We are now playing the final games. The championship was on May 30th.

All in all, the tournament has served its purpose. It motivates us to be active outdoors, and brings a spark of fun to the darkness of isolation.

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