Surviving the strange, alien void of quarantine

For some, life during coronavirus is a large white void. No beginning, and no end. Pexels

In one month my life has flipped inside out, and upside down. My life was normal, and now I feel like I am in a science fiction movie.

If you had asked me a year ago what I thought I would be doing in May 2020, I would have said, looking forward to summer, going to the park, preparing for exams and going to my grandparents house. In the entire month of April I had only gone off our 10-acre property three times, and each of those times my feet never touched the ground.

The change was ridiculously fast. No one was prepared for it! The change happened like turning off a light switch. On Friday, March 14, I was in school when the headmistress said “Take your books home for the weekend, we do not know what is happening.”

Like the last day of school, everyone was cramming their books into overstuffed backpacks. Four hours later, we got a notice that we would be doing online schooling until further notice. Just like that, we were in a shutdown, there was no change, there was no weeks of wondering what will happen. It just changed.

Boredom is attacking us from all sides. We can’t go out, we cannot get books and DVDs from the library and we do not have anything on our calendar. My day has boiled down to: breakfast, schoolwork, lunch, wait for mail at 4 p.m., dinner and bed. I re-read the entire Harry Potter series in one week, spending four hours at a time nestled in a chair reading. After four hours of reading, you will want something else to do but there is nothing! You could listen to the radio, or take a bike ride, but that’s the extent of the things you can do. Boredom was attacking us, but now I think we are in its stomach.

School is getting bleak. Online classes are crazy, disorganized and leave you with bloodshot eyes for hours after you finished. Half of the time our teachers are just figuring out what they are doing.

For the most part, we go to a website that contains our schoolwork, and when we are done, we email it to out teachers. I am pretty good at most subjects, but math is hard when I am in school! It is particularly unbearable when I have not seen a teacher in two months. (Our math teacher does not do online classes at all.)

I feel horrible for the kids that have trouble in more than one subject. Recently they decided we need to do gym at home. I think there comes a point where the bleak schoolwork they are giving us becomes ridiculous.

Everyone is going without these days. Going without driving, going without shopping, restaurants, visiting and more. Try riding in the car for the first time in three weeks. It feels strange and alien. We only do pickup shopping now, and that is only every two and a half weeks. Our lives are just a large white void. No beginning, and no end. Today is Monday, tomorrow is Thursday, next week is July. It all just melts together, a blob of going without.

Something to stew upon, is that we are in a world crisis, which will be remembered with the World Wars, the Plague, the Great Depression and all of the other horrible things that have happened in history. This will go in history books, and someday we will be telling our children about the coronavirus that flipped our lives upside down and inside out.

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