The Crews adventure: A story in space

In the middle of going to the moon, there really was a problem with the rocket. The spaceship went out of orbit and landed on Venus. What were the astronauts to do? Vecteezy

There were 10 crewmates including me. There was me (as I said). There was also Jack, Sarah, Sophia, Liam, Noah, Emma, Rose, Bella and Oliver.

What I do is engineering. I make the blueprints for the newest rovers and rockets.

Jack works on repairing the rockets or rovers that are broken.

Sarah works at the base. She tells us when something is coming at us or when something is wrong with the rovers or the rocket that we fly in.

Sophia is our project manager. She tells us when our next launch is and she makes sure we have enough money and space to work.

Liam prepares books, monographs, special studies, and articles on U.S. aerospace history; managing the NASA Historical Reference Collection of materials about history, he also does other things.

Noah is the artist of our group. He works on designing our rockets and rovers for the world to understand what everything is.

Emma mainly stays at the station and teachers kids and others what to do if they were hired. She is our educator.

Today we brought her because we have some new people: Rose, Bella and Oliver. They don’t have roles yet but they came along to learn and see what they understand the most if they end up working with us.

As we were all launched into space in our rocket, Sarah said something on the radio that got everyone freaked out. She said, “You guys need to come down now there is something wrong with the ship, and you guys are going to go in the wrong direction.”

Nobody knows if it was a prank or not they sometimes do it to know if we are prepared or not. After that everyone was so frightened and after a bit we heard a loud BOOM!!

There really was a problem with the rocket. In the middle of us going to the moon, we went out of orbit and landed on Venus right next to it. Our rocket was destroyed but our radio still worked. We got on it and talked to Sarah and the rest of the people at the station. They said that they were giong to bring a new rocket to us but it might take a few hours. Jack was working on rebuilding the rocket to at least try to get a little oxygen from finding the tanks while building the rocket.

Not many people know, but Venus is actually 140 degrees and that is hotter than in July 1913 when Furnace Creek, Calif. — Death Valley — watched the thermometer reach (134 F) and was declared the hottest place on Earth.

They didn’t know what to do. A few hours later, the radio said something interesting. “We have the new rocket already. It will be right to Venus with some oxygen tanks. Hang in there guys.”

Everyone cheered! They were saved!! They were all happy. The new rocket came by and picked up everyone. Everyone was safe and sound. They went to the moon and completed their mission by leaving the rover and their equipment for future missions.

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