Uncertain times require perspective and I am certain a sense of calm and patience. As I write this article, we are NECK Deep dealing with Covid 19 not just in the United States but globally. This virus I am sure is testing us in more ways than we could have ever imagined. It is for this reas… Read More ⇒

Weddings are very special occasions for two people who are in love. That’s why many couples want close family and friends nearby when they tie the knot. But even the happiest couples may express some nervousness about one particular part of traditional wedding ceremonies. Read More ⇒

Life can be tough!   Throughout the years, folks have shared hacks with me that make my day to day a little easier…so, I thought it’s my turn to share them with you! It’s like the old saying, “it’s the small things in life”. I truly believe that small changes, or in this case; small hacks, […] Read More ⇒

Like a growing number of artists in the north country, Bill Parmer likes to paint en plein air, that is, outdoors, in direct connection with the subject of his work. In recent years, plein air festivals have been popping up all over our region. For these events, groups of artists gather in s… Read More ⇒