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Michelle Graham

Uncertain times require perspective and I am certain a sense of calm and patience. As I write this article, we are NECK Deep dealing with Covid 19 not just in the United States but globally. This virus I am sure is testing us in more ways than we could have ever imagined. It is for this reason that I have decided to hit pause and do a bit of self-reflection and evaluate my own attitude.

As we RACE through our daily life never stopping to smell the roses we miss out on the little things. Our everyday lives have been turned upside down. We are finding a new normal, working from home, dealing with anxiety and struggling with a complete disruption of our everyday routines. Although these are scary and uncertain times, I am sure there is much to be grateful for today and everyday moving forward.

My TOP 10 reasons to find gratitude during uncertain times:

1. Hitting the pause button is something I am profoundly grateful for today. Our family is busy like most families and to have a moment to SLOW down is welcome and needed. I love Noon hugs that I would not normally get and lunch time all together. Outdoor walks and bike rides are an-added bonus.

2. I am grateful to live in a small community where we can get outside to breathe in fresh air. We can practice social distancing and still go for a walk and get fresh air and a daily dose of physical activity and sunshine.

3. Caring teachers and administrators are the calm in our everyday storm both in school and outside of school. Our children spend much of their day with these special people and I am so appreciative that we still get to interact with them. Thank you IHC for pulling together packets of home learning for our children. I know I can only speak for myself, but these are the moments that define us and teach our children extremely valuable life lessons.

4. Front line workers are the true warriors. Where would we be without them? I am profoundly grateful for the grocery store workers, hospital workers, doctors, nurses, aides etc. those maintaining our buildings in our absence, the truck drivers, emergency day care providers the delivery people, police and fire. We live in a community where everyone has risen to the occasion and continue every day to wake up report to work being very aware of the risk. Thank them every single chance you get.

5. Gratitude does not even begin to touch my feelings for the researchers up all night and every day to find a cure, a treatment a way to deal with our invisible enemy. They will help mold the future and find remedies to treat us all. Every day we are reminded of all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

6. Home is my calm during the storm. I am profoundly grateful to have a place to be safe and warm. Our homes have become our school, our lunchroom, our business office, our conference room, our fitness center and many more wonderful spaces.

7. Quiet streets, less traffic and easy living are unheard of most of the time. I have grown to love the quiet sound in our neighborhood. No one is racing to and from work or school we get the opportunity cruise quietly through our days

8. We live in modern times. How lucky are we that we can have ZOOM meetings where can all see each other and converse, we chat with loved ones near and far and stream any movie or series we choose? We can stay connected all day every day. I am so happy to be able to stay connected to my work family and friends through Facebook, Instagram, Email and Twitter. Social Media and the age of electronics has made dealing with our invisible enemy bearable.

9. Grateful to work for an organization that cares deeply for their community. I am proud to be part of the Watertown Family YMCA and thankful to be doing work that is meaningful and rewarding. We are always ready to rise to the challenges of the day and meet them head on. COVID 19 brought out the best in our team. So grateful to be surrounded by wonderful staff, incredible leadership and some of the best most committed workers around.

10.Our families are the ones that know us best and help hold the glue together. They love us in life’s ups and downs. We have been blessed to have this time to make memories, eat meals together and just simply hang out. I have LOVED being home with my family and will never take this time or this lesson for granted.

As we continue to navigate through uncertain times, I will continue to be positive and find the good in every single day. Wake up each day with a grateful heart. We are all in this crisis together. Find ways each day to reach out to someone and stay connected. It is times like these that can define the human-race. Be patient and most important be KIND. Stay Healthy and Stay Safe my friends!

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