As we settle in from the carefree days of summer into the beautiful season of fall, I find that I need some added structure and direction. I love a good schedule and I love a good plan. I have found that during the summer months I feel less inclined to keep any type of a schedule or plan. Th… Read More ⇒

Our world is changing at an alarming rate. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and the amount of negativity I see all around is absolutely alarming. The littlest things make us mad we lose our cool way too easy. We are looking for instant gratification in all things, at the restaura… Read More ⇒

Are you someone who thinks about making changes in your life?  Wow, the possibility to change is endless.  What is your 2017 plan for a positive, meaningful year? Is your goal to take college classes, learn how to quilt, get healthy or just become a better, more focused, more driven person. … Read More ⇒

Tread lightly for summer fun Take steps to ensure children are safe around water Summer lends itself to fun in the sun and all things wonderful and warm. Boating, swimming and relaxing by the beach or a pool are special highlights that make lasting summer memories. The warm season in Norther… Read More ⇒

Healthy eating now is your springboard for a life well lived Pay attention parents, it’s about time we all wake up. The eating habits our children have developed need a little help. In some cases, they need a lot of help. Building healthy food habits today truly can last a lifetime. Every si… Read More ⇒

A foundation for health & wellness Families should strive to make fitness a lasting habit for the future By Karee Magee, NNY Living While leading a healthy lifestyle may seem to be easier said than done in today’s busy society as parents juggle work and family, the problem might be the w… Read More ⇒

At the Office Stretches These five quick exercises are designed to alleviate the stresses placed on the body by working full-time at a desk job. At Home Strength Exercises The strength exercises in this video are designed for a quick, simple workout that doesn’t involve a gym, exercise machi… Read More ⇒

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Start with simple changes in diet and add regular exercise If you take care of your heart, your heart will take care of you. With heart disease the No. 1 killer of men and women in the United States, it’s more important than ever to care for yourself and your heart. When you use the […] Read More ⇒

From juice cleanses to natural foods, we ask a nutritionist Nicole Garnsey is a registered dietitian, certified dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator who owns and operates Feed the Soul Nutrition, Watertown. We asked her about some of the latest health trends, nutrition and … Read More ⇒

No regrets for mother of two after life-altering surgery Melissa R. Shelmidine just wanted to live a normal life. “I wanted it done. I practically begged a doctor to do it,” she said, Miss Shelmidine, a mother of two active, young children, a swimmer and a former high school athlete is, at t… Read More ⇒

Wellness is a state of mind that involves several areas of life Welcome to the amazing 2013. I often think of a new year as a new start that, with a new focus, could mean a whole new you. Life is crazy and wonderful and a fresh start can take you in directions that you […] Read More ⇒

From ticks to gluten-free eating, Dr. Karen Williams answers reader questions Ticks were a widespread problem this summer because of the dry weather, what’s the first thing to keep in mind after a tick bite? We have been seeing an increase in tick-borne disease, such as Lyme disease, but it’… Read More ⇒

As we approach fall, we embrace and look forward to structure and a more regular schedule. After the carefree days of summer, we almost crave it. Our children head back to school or college and the warm summer breezes of June, July and August give way to cool fall days and nights. Any way you […] Read More ⇒