I like to cook, and I cook a lot. My late mother was a good cook of Italian food. The Baltimore woman who considers me her second son is an excellent cook of Italian food. My late father-in-law was an accomplished French chef in New York City. So I’ve had culinary influences. I’ve interviewe… Read More ⇒

Simplicity is key. Life can be difficult. It can even be daunting. When you come home from a hard day of wrangling penguins, the last thing you want to do is put together a meal with 27 different ingredients. So you reach into the larder (does anyone even have a larder anymore? When’s the last […] Read More ⇒

Nowadays, hard cider, an alcoholic beverage, shows up on menus everywhere. Made from the fermented juice of tart apples (and/or other fruit), this pleasingly acidic, slightly bubbly beverage pairs beautifully with food and proves easy sipping. This fall, I’m incorporating hard cider into my … Read More ⇒

If you’re going to eat pumpkin pancakes, this is your window to do it. Of course, you could eat these flapjacks spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg anytime, but there’s no better time than these few weeks before Halloween when we start to gear up our palates for a whole season of… Read More ⇒

Plan grad party menus wisely Grab-and-go foods best for fast-moving revelers Despite the apparent confusion at Mother Nature’s Weather Headquarters, spring has begun and summer is reputed to be right around the corner. If you have children in grade school you have been repeatedly updated on … Read More ⇒

Meal prep made fast and easy   Keep a few staple ingredients on hand to impress Life moves so quickly. When my boys were babies, random strangers would constantly approach us while we were out for a walk or at the grocery store, “Thing One” and “Thing Two” in a stroller or shopping cart, “Thing […] Read More ⇒

Invest in fresh with a CSA share By Karee Magee, NNY Living The grocery store has long been dominated by soldier-like rows of foods while the freshest and healthiest sections on the perimeter have grown ever smaller. As those sections have decreased, the products, especially produce, become … Read More ⇒

Give the gift of food this season Roasted vegetable minestrone a holiday staple I have never had food poisoning. I realize that is a is a strange proclamation but given my mother’s unusual food safety habits or lack thereof, it is actually a miracle. As I have mentioned in previous columns, … Read More ⇒

Savor the sweet taste of a north country summer Treat your palette to the bold freshness of spring Summer is one of the greatest reasons for living in the north country. It is Mother Nature’s reward for surviving yet another monster of a winter. It has only been a few short months since we w… Read More ⇒

Try a plant-based diet and enjoy many new surprises Eat a little less meat and lots more fruits and vegetables I have recently rejoined the real world after an eight-day visit to my past life in Breckenridge, Colo. The town where the little darlings were born and I had my very first food ven… Read More ⇒

A taste of Jamaica comes home with vegetable curry Hearty family tradition continues in the north country When I was younger, my parents and I would spend several weeks a year visiting my grandmother in the West Indies. My grandmother and step-grandfather became enamored with the English-rul… Read More ⇒