After The Wedding Tips: How to de-clutter your decorations

The vows have been said. The cake has been cut. You are now officially Mr. and Mrs. After the wedding, often times, the question becomes, “what do I do with all this stuff?”

Truth be told, after our wedding, my decorations and other items sat in a guest bedroom for more months than I would like to admit. I finally got around to organizing everything and decided to expand my event services business to offer the rental of small décor items—everything from golden candlesticks to table runners (check out the full inventory out at

Most brides though, are seeking options for what to do with their décor and other wedding items after the big day. Here are some of the best options:

First, the flowers: If you’re using flowers as part of your reception, you definitely don’t want to leave them to be thrown out. Give them away to guests, to staff at the venue as a “thank you,” or drop them off the next day to a local nursing home, hospital, or similar facility.

Sell on social: One of the best ways to eliminate your post-wedding clutter is to sell items on Facebook. Marketplace works just fine for this purpose, but you’ll likely be more successful in groups geared toward brides-to-be. Popular groups in our region include “Upstate NY Weddings” and “Wedding Recycle Upstate New York.”

Lend to a friend: Have a friend or relative who is getting married in the near future? Offer your stuff to them first, as many will appreciate the chance to save a little cash on décor and other items. Even if the recipient doesn’t use everything, encourage them to pass it on to another bride who might be interested.

Make a donation: From centerpieces and tablecloths to leftover favors and champagne flutes, pretty much anything wedding related can be donated to your local thrift store. This is a win-win, as you’ll free up space in your home and help out a good cause.

Repurpose them in your home: This option requires a little more planning—but is so worth it! As you’re picking out your decorations and other wedding necessities, select items that will fit with your home décor, as well as with the vibe for your wedding. Items like candles, candle holders and frames can all easily be reused at home.

Contact wedding professionals: Know a local rental company or wedding planner? Reach out to them and see if they have interest in purchasing your items.

And what about the dress? It’s no secret, wedding dresses are expensive. If you’re sentimental (like me), you’ll probably want to have it professionally preserved. If you’re OK with parting with your dress, there are plenty of options. Dresses often sell on Facebook Marketplace, or other online sales platforms like Poshmark and eBay. There are also websites that are specifically geared toward wedding dress resales, including “Still White,” “Nearly Newlywed” and “PreOwned Wedding Dresses.”

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