Ready for a foodie adventure through a historic village? From foodie delights to shopping and even a military museum, the village of Lowville offers a unique opportunity to satisfy your food cravings while still exploring what a small village has to offer.

Downtown Lowville is a quaint small town with restaurants and pubs offering an assortment of foodie delights. Overall, in a four-block radius, you have over 300 menu items to choose from, as well as 25 draft beers with six brewed locally in Lowville. You have six local boutique shops and stores, five local pubs, five restaurants and a coffee cafe.

On our Saturday excursion, we started with a late brunch at Jeb’s Restaurant. The Santa Fe Egg Skillet was served in a sizzling cast-iron skillet, with a green field of jalapenos smothered across the top, a mound of spicy ground beef, Pico de Gallo (a mixture of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro), jack and cheddar cheese and then gently drizzled with a Mexican ranch sauce. This is one of my all-time favorites and a perfect way to prepare for a foodie trek. Our server today was a local teacher and part-time waitress extraordinaire, Sarah. They also have a full bar with pool tables. The restaurant is located at 5403 Shady Ave., and can be reached by calling 315-376-6029.

We then walked around the village and shopped for a while. We stopped at Café Z (an internet café) to enjoy a maple latte. With the weather being perfect for maple syrup production in Lewis County, we felt this drink choice was quite fitting. They also have a full bakery of items to choose from and the maple cream cookies were a perfect complement to the coffee. The cafe is located at 7594 State Street (St.), and can be reached by calling 315-376-6965.

After a visit to the local Allen’s Jewelers, we decided it was time for some true Italian pizza, Lowville style. New York Pizzeria is a long-established pizza shop located next door to Café Z. The homemade sauce has a slightly sweet taste to it and their ingredients are always fresh. Best yet, the dough is hand-tossed New York City-style. They also offer a really tasty lasagna, the portions are huge, and so you may wish to share. The restaurant is located on State Street, and orders can be placed by calling 315-376-4420.

It was now late afternoon and we decided to visit Gary’s Restaurant, which is known for some of the best home-cooked meals in town. They perhaps also have some of the best desserts in the north country. As we walked up to the restaurant you could smell the aroma of a cake baking. At first bite, it was light and refreshing, with the taste of freshly squeezed lemons and raspberries. So often many store-bought cakes have more air than consistency, something this cake was not lacking. With master baker Yvonne in the kitchen, this is a must stop while in the village. Gary’s Restaurant is located at 5424 Shady Ave., and can be reached at 315-376-6612.

Now was the time to settle in and have a locally brewed draft beer. Tony Harpers Pizza and Clam Shack offers eight beers on tap that are rotated regularly, two of which are brewed only blocks away at Skewed Brewing. Tony Harpers Pizza and Clam Shack is located at 5403 Shady Ave., and can be reached at 315-376-6029.

With the Bateman Draft House close to opening, Tug Hill Roasters soon to be in the former jail, and the recently opened Hop Dogs (the official tasting room of Skewed Brewing, downtown Lowville is foodie heaven at its best.

Stop on a Tuesday night and enjoy the car and motorcycle show at Veterans Park, with live entertainment provided most nights, or listen to the Village Band on Wednesday nights. Lowville is a foodies paradise and, best yet everything is in a five-block radius.

Public parking is available on the street or at the Lowville American Legion and just past the theater.

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