Norwood Police

NORWOOD — Police are investigating a racial slur that was written on a door at the village recreation pavilion during a recent burglary.

Sean J. Wells, Norwood police officer in charge, said whoever wrote the two-word racist message did it during a burglary attempt. The incident happened sometime between Sunday night and early Monday morning.

The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the graffiti.

Mr. Wells said the slur, the N-word followed by misspelled “cotten,” probably wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, but was written where it was intended to be seen.

“We’d be looking to charge it as a hate crime,” he said. “There was never a time where this would be acceptable, ever. Only a coward would put something like that where other people can see it.”

Police are asking for anyone who has information on the break-in or vandalism to contact law enforcement. Anyone coming forward can remain anonymous. The Norwood Village Police can be reached at 315-353-2131 and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 315-379-2222.

Mr. Wells said a couple of tips have already come in, and investigators are in the process of running them down.

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Pat Luppens

Norwood is Trump country (If the signs are any indication)and in Trump country hate is the coin of the realm. So hate speech should not be a surprise.

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