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LOWVILLE — A group effort and a taser were required for a village man with a history of resisting arrest, according to the Lowville Village Police Department. He was tased so officers could get him out of a vehicle to be charged.

Aaron M. Smith, 30, of Elm Street, was arrested under a sealed indictment on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a news release issued by Lowville police, a vehicle Mr. Smith was seen entering was “completely contained” by uniformed patrols to prevent him from attempting to evade arrest as he has reportedly done in the past.

The release said Mr. Smith and an unstated number of other occupants in the vehicle did not unlock or open the doors as ordered, resulting in an officer “smashing” the passenger-side window to get access to the people inside.

The department said Mr. Smith was tased twice after he “refused to get out of the vehicle and started to resist” arrest.

Previously reported arrests in April, August and March 2021 all involved Mr. Smith attempting to evade being charged with a high-speed, long-distance chase or, as in April, attempting to flee through a back window in his house.

As a result, village police said they had organized assistance from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, the state police and the Lewis County Drug Task Force before attempting to deliver the arrest warrant to Mr. Smith and take him into custody.

The additional law enforcement support officers were strategically stationed to prevent Mr. Smith from fleeing, the release said.

Mr. Smith was arraigned on Thursday in Lewis County Court by Judge Daniel R. King and taken into custody at the county jail with bail set at $5,000 cash, $10,000 bond or $30,000 for a partially secured bond. He will return to court on May 20 for “arraignment on further indictments,” the release said.

The charges contained in the current indictment have not been released.

The release said there are also warrants for Mr. Smith’s arrest on a misdemeanor petit larceny charge in Oneida County and in the city of Oneida for two felonies — fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property and third-degree robbery.

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