State police and local law enforcement are increasing patrols Memorial Day weekend in an effort to curb drunk, impaired and reckless driving.

The STOP-DWI enforcement period started on Friday and will run through Tuesday, May 26.

Last year on Memorial Day weekend, troopers arrested 225 people for drinking and driving, resulting in 134 personal-injury crashes investigated and four deaths. In 2018, drunk driving killed 295 people and injured 5,340 others in the state, according to state police, citing the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research.

This year, drivers can expect to see sobriety checkpoints and increased patrols. Troopers will be using marked state police vehicles and Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement vehicles as part of the crackdown. A release from the state said the CITE vehicles blend in with traffic but are unmistakable for emergency vehicles once their lights are activated.

“As we take time this Memorial Day to honor those who died in service to our county, we remind motorists to make safety the top priority,” state police Superintendent Keith M. Corlett said in the release. “If your holiday plans include alcohol, please arrange for a safe ride home.”

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Any idiot can, and several do, install flashing lights on their cars to pretend to be policemen. I have had both idiots and police try to pull me over in unmarked cars,. Following the advice of the NYSP, I slowly proceed to a well lit or populated area to pull over and stop. The bad guy just kept going................while the policemen got out of their cars and proceeded to yell at me for not stopping quickly enough for their tastes. I have kept the article concerning the issue in my car for such incidents, and it does not mollify the indigent officer. I really dislike being pulled over by unmarked cars, there is a huge creep factor to it. Just because it has a lot of lights does not mean its a police vehicle, I've seen volunteer firemen light up a pretty respectable show. i


No one is left in Northern NY. Cops are everywhere. Trip over each other. Nuts to even go out here. All is closed anyways!! lmao

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