Crossman ends ballot impoundment

Allison Crossman, former Watertown mayoral candidate. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Mayoral candidate Allison I. Crossman hopes to finally end a campaign whisper.

Mrs. Crossman has had to fend off questions about an April 2018 felony arrest on charges of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument and second-degree offering a false instrument for filing.

In April 2018, both charges were dismissed by Jefferson County Court Judge Kim H. Martusewicz after the district attorney’s office said the charges could not be proved.

“I have been talking about the issue since the beginning of my campaign,” she said.

The issue has to do with a property that she purchased at 283 Woodland Drive in the town of LeRay. She planned to open a repair shop at the location for her brother. Some neighbors opposed the proposal, and questioned the zoning and whether the property had been used during the previous year.

Mrs. Crossman acquired a statement from the previous owner, Tracy Sweet, who said the property had been used during the previous year. The previous owner later recanted the statement and said it was forged. But Mrs. Crossman denied any wrongdoing.

“It was dismissed,” she said, “and never went to court.”

John W. Eisenhauer, who was vocal in his opposition to the repair shop, has brought up the matter during his campaign to run for LeRay Town Council.

Mrs. Crossman doesn’t know why he is making noise about it now. She thinks that it could be politically motivated by some people who are not supporting her mayoral bid.

It was an issue she thought was behind her, she said, especially since she has been answering questions about it. Her previous attorney who represented her during the matter, David A. Renzi, said she was innocent.

“She’s a good person,” he said.

Mr. Eisenhauer said he is not satisfied with the outcome of her case. Mrs. Crossman continues to own the property and uses it for storage.

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