U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, left, and Tedra Cobb. Watertown Daily Times

The morning after Rep. Elise M. Stefanik spoke at the Republican National Convention, her Democratic challenger in the race for the 21st Congressional District condemned the speech.

Tedra L. Cobb said Rep. Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, was “worrying about herself, making speeches and furthering her own career.”

“She has time to go to Iowa, she has time to go to Tulsa, time to go to Washington and speak at a national political convention, but she doesn’t have time to fight for families here,” Ms. Cobb said.

Ms. Cobb remarked in an interview how, at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed, and have lost their employer-linked healthcare, Rep. Stefanik voted against emergency unemployment benefits and has continually voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Ms. Cobb was referencing the HEROES Act, which would have, among other things, extended the $600 federal unemployment benefits through to the end of 2021. Rep. Stefanik voted against that bill, as did all but one other Republican representative. The measure passed the majority-Democratic House, but has languished in the Senate without a scheduled vote.

During her Wednesday night speech, Rep. Stefanik briefly referenced Fort Drum, the 10th Mountain Division, and recalled the time that President Donald J. Trump visited the fort to sign the National Defense Authorization Act in 2018. Ms. Cobb said she takes issue with Rep. Stefanik talking about Fort Drum, while she refuses to talk about the claims that Russian intelligence agents have paid Taliban militias to kill American and allied soldiers in Afghanistan.

“Elise Stefanik ought to spend less time focusing on what’s happening in Washington and more time worrying about the bounties that have been put on American troops,” Ms. Cobb said. “She represents Fort Drum, and she uses the military and Fort Drum and our veterans as talking points and a photo opportunity, but when we learned about Russia placing bounties on the lives of American troops in Afghanistan, Elise Stefanik remained silent.”

Rep. Stefanik has taken the position that it is inappropriate to talk about the allegations of Russian bounties on American troops, because the revelations only became public after the classified intelligence was leaked to the New York Times. She has said that it is inappropriate and dangerous for an elected official, or a candidate for federal office, to talk about the “unverified, illegal leaks.”

Ms. Cobb said that she believes Rep. Stefanik has remained silent on the issue to protect President Donald J. Trump.

“She sits on the House Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee, and yet she has allowed her loyalty to the president to stand in the way of protecting American heroes,” Ms. Cobb said.

A portion of Rep. Stefanik’s speech on Wednesday was dedicated to contrasting what she termed President Trump’s “record of results,” to Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden’s “far-left failed policies of the past 47 years.”

Ms. Cobb disagreed with that characterization of Mr. Biden’s legacy.

“Joe Biden passed the Violence Against Women Act,” she said. “He helped pass the Affordable Care Act, he has fought to protect people with preexisting conditions, people like my own daughter Aida, and he has worked to lower the cost of healthcare for all Americans. These are things that Elise Stefanik has voted against. So again, I’ll ask, how does her grandstanding for Trump in Washington help the people of the north country?”

Ms. Cobb said that this speech was another example of Rep. Stefanik bringing the “worst of Washington,” back to the north country, with what she called “lying, name calling and misrepresenting of other people.”

“That is the worst of Washington, and that is Elise Stefanik,” Ms. Cobb said.

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(14) comments


You that have commented on this article are all NUTS——-more of those that lean so far left cant’s understand why we are so much better off in this country in the last 4 years. Guess they don’t wan to believe in results.

Also take a look at what Elise is doing in the north country every week but you won’t .

Voting not for Tedra.

hermit thrush

over a thousand people are dying each day from the pandemic and there's no end in sight.


stefanik is on the diseased side of the populace. Vote Tedra


Our votes will cancel each other out! I can't qait!




When I read articles like this-- articles where Stefanik, Cobb, the 21st district/north country, the Republican party, and Trump merge-- I feel resentment and sadness.

I feel resentment toward Stefanik, Trump and the Republican party for taking advantage of our disproportionately fearful constituency, arousing its fears with politics of fear in order to advance themselves and the party.

I feel sadness that our fearful constituents perceive Stefanik, Trump and the Republican party as fear-protectors when it's Trump, especially, and Stefanik's and the Republican party's support of him, that should fear them.

If I had to point to a single factor that upsets me most about all of it, I'd have to point to our fearful constituents-- neighbors, friends and north country comrades whose fears compromise them, our area, our nation, and all of us.


I'm not sure it's fear as much as it is just plain a cult like following. tRUMP supporters revel in his ignorant narcissistic behavior. Then you have the republican politicians like stefanik who suddenly see an opportunity to further their careers when before they had nothing. tRUMP supporters, whether it be politicians or just your average ignoramus have sold their souls to that clown. Once tRUMP is flushed down the toilet republicans will come up with another one just as bad. What we have today is nothing but an extension of the whacked out tea party who have a false sense of patriotism.


Thanks for your input, rockloper.

I've read that the cult explanation distracts from the true and larger explanations.

The thinking is, when we dismiss Trump supporters as being under the control of a cult or cult-like, we dismiss what Trumpism offers them, the circumstances of their lives, and their feelings. Also, deciding that people are under the control of a cult or are cult-like, absolves them from taking responsibility for their beliefs and actions. No. It's better we understand their attraction to Trump, what their worldview is and how it developed, and the forces that fuel and drive them. That way, we stand a chance to do something about it.

With that said, I admit that there are Trump-supporter "attributes" that are so outrageous and shocking, in my opinion, that they hold me back, preventing me from crossing over and reaching out. For example, their attraction to authoritarian leadership, inclination to hop onboard conspiracy, anti-science and deep state theories, attraction to things alarming, sensational and otherworldly, propensity for delusion, vulnerability to people who want to take advantage of, or deceive, them, etc. I perceive their cluttered, Other trajectory as mind-boggling and alienating.


All this from your average ignoramus.


Reading Zeitgeist below, I think I could have a couple of IPAs with him. He reminds me of many of my college friends from Boulder. There is room to merge thoughts there.


Pitbull, I'm she, not "he."

I'm open to a couple of IPAs if you promise one thing (best articulated by Will Wilkinson, researcher, Niskanen Center): you won't display hostility to thought and a tendency to mistake strings of reflexive stock phrases for thinking.




Tedra -14


So that's supposed to be earth shattering in a republican gerrymandered district? stefanik should be ahead by 30.

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