$750,000 paving plan proposed for 2021

OSWEGO — Mayor Billy Barlow announced that he is proposing a $750,000 paving plan for the city of Oswego this spring, adding to the $4 million of paving completed since taking office in 2016.

The 2021 paving plan will re-pave around the new $26.2 million housing development, known as Harborview Square, on West First Street, Lake Street and West Second Street, as it was previously under construction for infrastructure to be placed for the development while the majority of the rest of the plan focuses on the east side of the city.

“Our paving plan this year will replace some of the roughest areas in town, repaving areas that we’re recently subjected to construction, like the area around the new Harborview Square development. We’ve made considerable progress on the west side of the city, so in 2021, and beyond, we’ll begin to re-pave streets on the east side of the city that desperately need some work,” said Mayor Barlow. “As always, we’ll maximized the amount of CHIPS funding provided to us by the state of New York and will work strategically to get the best bang for our buck, allowing us to pave as much roadway as possible this season,” Barlow said.

Mayor Barlow’s proposed 2021 paving plan includes:

East First Street (State Route 104 to end of public space)

East 6th Street (East Schuyler Street to East Utica Street)

East 9th Street (Church Street to Lawrence Street)

East 11th Street (East Cayuga Street to East Seneca Street)

East 12th Street (Mohawk Street to Albany Street)

Mercer Street (East Ninth Street to Mitchell Street)

Elm Street (Elm Street to end to Maple Street)

Elizabeth Street (Munn Street to O’Brien Glenway)

West Sixth Street (West Utica Street to West Niagara Street)

West 7th Street (State Route 104 to West Cayuga Street)

West First Street (West Cayuga to Lake Street)

Liberty Street (State Route 104 to Erie Street)

Harborview Square Loop on Lake Street, West Second Street and Schuyler Street

The city of Oswego will use a unit-pricing based contract through the Onondaga County Purchasing Department to hire Riccelli-Northern to complete the job in early spring.

During the Administrative Services Committee meeting on Feb. 16 the Common Council passed the initial plan, however amendments may be made to the plan in the coming weeks.

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