State of the Union reactions

President Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union address during a joint meeting of Congress in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/TNS

WASHINGTON — President Joseph R. Biden presented his State of the Union address before Congress Tuesday night, and the north country’s representatives were disappointed with what he presented.

In a roughly hourlong speech, President Biden talked about the legislative priorities he’s successfully passed in the last two years, many of which were bipartisan, and called for the nation to “finish the job,” on many of his priorities.

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Stefanik/GOP needs to make a clean break from Trump, regardless of his policies... and get rid of Santos. Marjorie T Greene shouts out Biden's a liar with Santos sitting near her?? Clean up the party and win in 2024...


Whew, guess you don’t like her. I really do but she has to drop her attachment to Trump and go for the Republican that can win in 2024!!!!!

hermit thrush

did they sleep through the speech? it was full of substance. (but, being a state of the union address, it was also not a detailed policy proposal on any one topic.)


We've had weakness iin representation in NY21 every since Stafanik showed up on the scene.

"Joe Biden attacked Republicans in part of the speech, and that’s just unacceptable,” she said. It's unaccepatable that you, Elise Stefanik, supported the insurrectionist past president then and now.

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