Hulbert House has new owner

The centuries-old “kitchen” in Boonville’s historic Hulbert House.

BOONVILLE — There may be good times ahead for the Hulbert House: it has a new owner who may be interested in restoring it to its former glory.

Carl W. Vogel, owner of Carl’s Wholesale Furniture Warehouse in New Hartford, purchased the historic property via proxy at the Oneida County Finance Department’s land auction on Thursday night at the Delta Hotels by Mariott in Utica.

Although Mr. Vogel was out of town, his store manager, Michael Plescia, attended the auction on his behalf and won him the 3.9-acre property, including the iconic three-story stone building, with an $87,000 bid.

According to the finance department’s webpage on the county’s site, after paying 30 percent of the final bid as a deposit, Mr. Vogel is required to pay the remaining 70 percent within 15 days and obtain approval of the county Board of Legislators at its next meeting March 13.

Previous owners, the Daskiewich family, held a private auction in December that ended in Mike Daskiewich purchasing the building on behalf of his family because the highest bid, $95,000, wasn’t enough.

The Daskiewich family had to pay the 10 percent auction house fee of $10,000 instead of getting paid for the property.

On the county information page for the auction, the land was assessed at $50,000 with $175,000 for the building for a total of $225,000.

The amount of tax owed on the property could not be verified and calls for information to County Clerk Sandra J. DePerno, who handled the auction, and county Finance Commissioner Anthony R. Carvelli, were not returned.

The Hulbert House was built either in 1812, as is stamped on the front of the building, or between 1818 and 1819, according to the Town Historian James S. Pitcher. The third story was added to the structure by Richard Hulbert in the 1840s.

Although Mr. Plescia could not say for certain what Mr. Vogel had in mind for the Hulbert House, he did give a hint.

“He has a reputation of buying buildings and fixing them up, bringing them back to life,” said Mr. Plescia, “I think the people of Boonville will be pleasantly surprised.”

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