Nathan J. McElhone

WATERTOWN — An Antwerp man whose September 2018 arrest on a burglary charge became an issue in that fall’s 116th Assembly District race pleaded guilty Thursday in Jefferson County Court to third-degree attempted burglary and resisting arrest.

Nathan J. McElhone, 45, is expected to be sentenced Dec. 19 to a three-year conditional discharge.

It had been alleged that on Sept. 8, 2018, Mr. McElhone unlawfully entered a garage owned by Andrew H. Dean at 37230 Route 11 in the town of Antwerp and stole more than $1,000 worth of copper piping belonging to Eugene G. LaMothe. It was further alleged that he damaged a door on the garage.

According to documents, Mr. McElhone was also alleged to have entered Mr. Dean’s camper without an invitation on Sept. 4, 2018, and stole cigarettes. When state police were attempting to arrest Mr. McElhone on Sept. 8, had been alleged that he struggled with troopers and struck Trooper Errol Oskay in the head with his head. Troopers said at the time that they had to use a Taser when Mr. McElhone continued to be combative.

Mr. McElhone used to operate a business at the premises where the piping was stored and has claimed he had permission to collect scrap from the location, while Mr. Dean countered that Mr. McElhone’s claim on the property ended prior to the incident.

The arrest became part of the Assembly campaign when it was revealed that a red truck Mr. McElhone used to allegedly haul away the piping belonged to then-Assemblywoman Jenne. Ms. Jenne acknowledged that Mr. McElhone was a close friend and former boyfriend. Ms. Jenne was defeated in the November 2018 election by now-Assemblyman Mark C. Walczyk.

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