St. Regis Court owner finds prospective buyer

Elaine M. Avallone/Johnson Newspapers Owners Clayton Improvement Association has announced Regis Courts in Deferiet will be closing.

DEFERIET — The owner of the closing Regis Court Apartments has found a prospective buyer for it and hopes close on a purchase next month.

A “reputable developer” has offered to buy the subsidized apartments, 44 Riverside Drive, at an undisclosed price from the Clayton Improvement Association, said it’s executive director, Kristi P. Dippel. Ms. Dippel said she didn’t know the intention of the developer, whose name she didn’t disclose, but believed the acquisition will benefit the community.

While association hopes to sell the property next month, Ms. Dippel said it must receive approval from state Attorney General Letitia James beforehand because of the group’s nonprofit status.

“I think it will work out for the community,” she said.

The association decided to close and sell the Regis Court building because it could no longer keep up with rising operating costs. It managed the apartments for about 20 years and assumed ownership about 10 years ago.

Tenants, who occupied 10 of 14 units in April, were given a June 30 deadline to find new homes and were provided financial aid for their moving expenses.

Only tenants in two or three units still reside at the complex, Ms. Dippel said, adding that they are on waiting lists for other complexes.

“I feel very sorry for the ones who lived in Deferiet and had to relocate. Some were friends of mine,” said Mayor Janet M. Zando said, adding that two families she knew had to relocate to Evans Mills and Lowville.“It will be wonderful to have that be a viable building again.”

The Clayton Improvement Association provides affordable housing to low- and moderate-income people and supports community renewal projects throughout northern Jefferson County.

It also manages French Bay Family Housing, French Bay Elder Housing and Riverview Apartments, all in Clayton, and Kamargo Apartments, Black River, and Antwerp Senior Housing.

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