CAPE VINCENT — The union representing state corrections officers continues to call for what it sees as an anti-contraband measure after drugs were allegedly found again inside Cape Vincent Correctional Facility.

The New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association said in a statement Wednesday that on March 9, an officer observed an inmate unsteady on his feet in the prison’s recreation yard. The inmate was brought to the infirmary for evaluation, where the inmate allegedly reached into his pant pockets and pulled out an unknown object, which he swallowed.

According to the union, officers frisked the inmate and found two Suboxone strips in his possession. Medical staff determined the inmate was under the influence of drugs, the union said.

Ten days later, an officer processing a package mailed to an inmate found 14 pieces of paper that had been sewn into a pair of sweatpants. The paper, which was wrapped in plastic, was opened and had a white powdery substance inside. The substance tested positive for heroin, the union claims. The drugs were seized as evidence. The package was mailed from Waterbury, Conn.

On March 22, an officer observed an inmate acting suspicious and intoxicated. The officer frisked the inmate and allegedly located two orange strips in his pant pocket. The inmate was placed in a special housing unit pending disciplinary charges.

Also on March 22, staff was in a special housing unit to interview an inmate who was there on disciplinary charges. The inmate allegedly refused to cooperate with staff and was ordered by an officer to place his hands behind his back so handcuffs could be applied. According to the union, the inmate elbowed the officer in the face. A second officer came to assist and was punched in the face before staff administered pepper spray to the inmate. The inmate then became complaint. The two officers sustained minor injuries and were treated by facility medical staff, the union said.

“Despite an excellent job staff does detecting drugs, they still make their ways into the hands of inmates on many occasions,” Bryan Hluska, the union’s Central Region vice president, said in its statement. “If ever there was a need for DOCCS to implement the Secure Vendor Program in the new year now is the time but our concerns continue to be ignored by the administration.”

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