Crossman addresses 2018 charges

Allison Crossman, Watertown mayoral candidate. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Mayoral hopeful Allison I. Crossman has so far raised $24,030, the most ever raised in a mayor’s campaign in the city.

She’s also spent $18,872, according to the most recent state Board of Elections financial disclosure report.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the support I’ve received throughout the city,” said Mrs. Crossman, who has never run for political office before.

The previous record for campaign fundraising was held by former Councilman James Brett, who ran and lost his bid for mayor in 1991, when he raised $18,807.37.

Mrs. Crossman would be the first female and youngest mayor if she wins election on Nov. 5.

Neither of her major opponents — former Councilman Jeffrey M. Smith and Councilman Cody J. Horbacz — have raised anywhere near that much.

Mr. Smith has accumulated $5,863 for his campaign and spent $2,155, while Councilman Horbacz raised $3,088 and spent $2,337, according to the state Board of Elections records.

Mrs. Crossman has contributed $4,500 to her campaign, while her husband, Joseph, donated $5,150.

According to the financial disclosure report, Mrs. Crossman spent $6,000 in legal fees for John Ciampoli, Long Island, to represent her in court to get on the November ballot.

Former Mayor Jeffrey E. Graham contributed $1,000 to pay for her legal bills.

She and Councilman Horbacz ended up in a second-place tie in the June 25 primary and went to court to resolve an impasse between Jefferson County Democratic and Republican election commissioners on whether the two candidates should be on the ballot.

Responding to Mrs. Crossman’s financial disclosure, Mr. Smith said, “I run a shoe to ground campaign, going door-to-door to see people.”

Councilman Horbacz said he is seeking contributions from average citizens.

Among her contributors are: attorney Catherine Quencer and her husband, William, for $50 each; local radio host Glenn Curry, $100; local businessman Neil Katzman, $198; Scott S.G. Gates, who’s lobbied for a local dog park, $50; and Michael Flynn, a local political activist, $240.

Some of the contributions received by Mr. Smith were from: his mother, Mary Clemo Smith, $400; Graham Wise, who works for state Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie, $100; former City Council members Peter Clough and Roxanne M. Burns, $100 each; Councilwoman Sarah V. Compo, $100; and former Mayor T. Urling Walker, $200.

Councilman Horbacz’s mother, Lori Patterson, contributed $282 to his campaign; Mark Holberg, the owner of WayNorth LLC, donated $50; Stephen Duffany, who owns a local insurance company, $50; and $100 from April Johnson, who owns April’s Cakes.

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