WATERTOWN — A Second Amendment advocacy group is going to bat for a truck driver who said his rights were violated when his firearm was confiscated at an entrance to Fort Drum last month.

The group, 2AWNY.COM out of Western New York, held a news conference at the Hilton Garden Inn on Thursday. Its founder, Steve Felano, began the news conference by describing what happened during an incident at Fort Drum on Nov. 15.

Mr. Felano said a Kentucky delivery driver was making his way to Fort Drum to deliver telephone poles. At the Gas Alley Gate entrance, the driver told military police of a 9 mm pistol he had in his truck, secured in a lock box. An MP confiscated the weapon, which Mr. Felano argues is a violation of the driver’s Second Amendment rights.

“New York’s civilian disarmament flu is apparently so infectious among government enforcers that even troops at Fort Drum, who have spent too much time exposed to Andrew Cuomo’s autocratic empire, have suffered its deranging effects,” Mr. Felano said.

The driver did not attend the news conference, nor did the advocacy group disclose his name, but they did read a statement on his behalf.

“I travel to numerous military bases across the country to deliver needed materials,” Mr. Felano said, reading from the driver’s statement. “In most instances, I’ve carried a lawfully owned pistol for self-defense as I drive long distances through unfamiliar places. At each military base entrance checkpoint, I’ve always voluntarily advised MPs of my firearm, and they’ve simply asked that I responsibly store it off base property while completing my delivery.”

The state police later identified the driver to be Martin L. Barrett, 40, Henderson, Ky. At the Fort Drum entrance, Mr. Barrett’s firearm was confiscated and Fort Drum turned over the case to New York State Police.

Mr. Barrett would later be charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He was traveling from Kentucky, a state that doesn’t require a pistol permit. New York state requires a permit, however, and the driver didn’t have the required documentation, which resulted in the charge, said Jack Keller, a state police spokesman.

“He had an illegal handgun in his vehicle,” Mr. Keller said.

Fort Drum is approaching the incident similarly.

“We determined the truck driver did not have the necessary documentation showing that he legally possessed the gun in New York state,” Julie Halpin, Fort Drum’s director of public affairs, said in a statement. “Upon that determination we alerted local law authorities ... It is important to be aware that firearms must be carried in accordance with the laws of the state you are visiting, not the federal laws of the installation that may be your destination.”

Mr. Barrett was arraigned in Town of LeRay Court on Nov. 15 and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He surrendered his firearm and was fined $125.

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(20) comments

Mud Duck

I drove trucks for 40 years and NEVER needed a handgun. After 911 anyone entering a secured facility (like a military post) and has a gun aboard is just not thinking too smart. And if a person does not need a weapon in NYC, they just do not need a weapon.


Kevin Beary is a racist dude...not true...grown 40,000 since 2010. And decreased each of the last five years. I am not even getting into how this relates to the rest of the country and world because you are as usual, way off. Wait, love it or leave it?? Isn't that what Trump says? Hypocrite...

Holmes -- the real one

You know that puzzled look that people have when someone says something that doesn't make sense?

This comment is a sure fire way to elicit that kind of response.


"New York’s civilian disarmament flu" HA HA HA HA Wow, some amazing imaginary persecution there. I guess gun owners are the real victims!

Wouldn't this be a federal officer that took the gun, since it was a base thing? This lawyer is very imaginative when it comes to his victimhood. It isn't like there were two mass shootings on military bases in the last few weeks.

Holmes -- the real one

“I travel to numerous military bases across the country to deliver needed materials”

One might reasonably expect that a delivery person who travels cross-country would not only be aware of, but would also comply with the laws in the various states that he deals with.


Agreed...FYI - the permit to carry a concealed weapon without a permit in Ky JUST passed in March of this year... and only 9 of 50 states have a similar law.... Hopefully there's some type of permit he can obtain allowing him to carry inter-state for self protection.. ...


15 states are constitutional carry, no permit required. 5 more states are considering. A Kentucky permit is required if going out of state with 37 states reciprocating a Kentucky permit. Of course, not NYS.


Kentucky has had several mass school shootings, New York York doesn't seem to have those. New York- love it or leave it, thanks. Our state's population has grown by a million in the last ten years, we don't need you.

Holmes -- the real one

Your point?


State law has nothing to do with it. On a military base federal law is all that matters. And in this case, the military is very strict about privately owned weapons. And known for searches on the way into post. The sign makes it very clear at every entrance.


@Kevin_beary_is_racist. You must be stupid? There are sshhotings in New York daily ya knothead! Cuomo is out to lunch! Yeah, we don't need you or New York garbage politics!


Well said...


This is not news, its been going on at Drum for years them stopping truck drivers with guns.


I think our state representatives should pass a law requiring the gun nuts to wear a clown costume when in public. Better yet how about all republicans.

Holmes -- the real one

I'm sure that Stefanik would fully support such a measure since she is fully committed to transparency.


"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."


It must be difficult living in a district that is bright red.



How's that "Bright Red" working out for the North Country? I heard Ogdensburg had five methamphetamine fires in April alone. Is that what you mean by "bright red"?


This comment is so shameful and it has no place in society. Too bad. I was enjoying your silence.

On another note I respect the fact he was up front. He should also know the rules when going from state to state. Its unfortunate. People make mistakes. To call this person of whom you don't know a nut, is, sadly not surprising from you yet still sad.


Apologies, I should be more gentle to the people who said Obama was born in Kenya and Hillary Clinton murders people. Trump is such a respectful and dignified person, I can see why you think we should respect Trump voters.

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